Hey Dems: Look Who’s Surging In The PA Senate Race … Are You Nervous?

Written by Wes Walker on May 10, 2022

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With the Senate race for PA only a week away, things are heating up, and one candidate is surging at the best possible time.

While we understand that Trump has officially endorsed Dr. Oz, we also know that Trump is fiercely loyal to his friends. It’s fair to assume this is a case of him playing favorites in throwing support behind someone he knows and cares about.

The whole point of primary races is because local voters know who can best represent their interests better than some out-of-state celebrity endorsement. This is true no matter how beloved that celebrity might be.

That’s what makes this race interesting. Any advantage Dr. Oz may have had from his endorsements and name recognition may have been maximized already, and the challengers are hard on his heels as other factors like political baggage and the debate have opened a door for that distance to be closed.

We have been watching her since she was featured in an interview on the Ruthless podcast. She has a lot of upside. She’s the kind of fearless next-generation GOP leadership the movement has been crying out for, someone who’s not afraid to go into supposedly ‘hostile’ demographics and reach out and invite them into the movement. She’s been making the case (just like Trump did) ‘what the Hell do you have to lose’?

Barnette, a conservative commentator who has run a tireless campaign on a shoestring budget, had the support of 23.2% of likely GOP voters in the survey released late Sunday by the Republican Trafalgar Group. That put her right alongside Oz (24.5%) and McCormick (21.6%). Factoring in a margin of error of 3 percentage points, the poll suggests the candidates are effectively tied.

The results are similar to a Trafalgar poll in April, adding to the the evidence that Barnette has emerged as the likely alternative to her ultra-wealthy rivals Oz and McCormick. Despite each of them spending more than $11 million apiece from their own pockets, neither has been able to run away with the race. — Morning Call

Since the Dems have played every card in their hand except their go-to of identity politics, we have to admit it would be hilarious to watch them flounder in a race against her. Considering a recent revelation about her personal story, Dems they will have to tread carefully in their opposition to her even in the abortion debate:

But unlike Dems the reason her candidacy appeals to us runs deeper than race and gender.

She genuinely LOVES America and knows how to articulate that love for America in aspirational terms. Her own come-from-nothing success story is proof positive that the American Dream is real.

She’s even got a scrappy natural aptitude for the sort of fighting you need in today’s political arena, including social media:

The fact that her life story disproves pretty nearly every identity-politics-driven Democrat victim narrative is just the cherry on top.

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