Prominent Trans Activist Charged For Sexually Abusing Teen Boy — Faces 16 Felonies

Written by Wes Walker on May 10, 2022

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This is exactly the slippery slope we were mocked for while being told by Dem talking heads that it would never happen. They were wrong. Again.

Being wrong is not a new thing for them.

When we said that same-sex marriage would be used as a cudgel against traditional religions they laughed … until they joined the bandwagons denouncing (certain) traditional religions. When we were told that blurring the distinctions between male and female athletes would come at the expense of female athletes’ sports achievements and scholarships, we were called bigots and told to shut up.

When Target was ground zero for a conversation about who uses what bathrooms, we were concerned that merely asserting sexual identity could open the door for a variety of negative outcomes, we got the predictable bleating about harm to the marginalized groups outweighing any potential risk to wider society.

Since the secular press shamelessly holds up the sins of individual priests and ministers as a legitimate representative sample of whichever religious order they belong to, it’s only fair to hold up a prominent activist of the secular left’s peseudo-religious counter-morality as a representative sample of the moral order to which they belong.

Here we are seeing — and not for the first time — someone who has been actively pushing this revised secular sexual moral order caught up in a sexual abuse scandal. In case the ‘ok groomer’ language seemed overly harsh, this scandal includes felony charges involving abuse and extortion of a 15yo boy who. A boy who had been tricked into thinking the ‘friend’ on the other side of his FB conversation was a girl his own age.

Carlos Arturo Aparicio Hernandez, 36, was charged last week with aggravated sexual extortion and six counts of forcible sodomy as first-degree felonies, and three counts of forcible sexual abuse, enticing a minor, and five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor as second-degree felonies ⁠— all concerning the 2021 abuse of a teenage boy.

In January of last year, the 15-year-old victim accepted a friend request on Facebook from someone he was led to believe was a girl of his own age. Hernandez communicated with the boy for several months and built trust, eventually requesting nude pictures from him.

…Hernandez then blackmailed the boy with the photos he’d sent while they had been communicating before sexually assaulting him. According to court documents, Hernandez also recorded the sexual assault.

The victim told police Hernandez had also showed him sexually exploitative images of “very young” girls and told him that he had sexually abused them as well.

Upon arrest, Hernandez waived his Miranda rights and told police that he had been attracted to minors since he was young. He also said his purpose for meeting with the boy was to sexually abuse him. — Reduxx

The accused’s given name was Carlos, and was booked as ‘female’, while a female alias was also included in his booking documents. He is a citizen of El Salvador.

Why does this arrest matter? He’s not just some low-level punk with a bad history. When we say he was a prominent activist, we mean he was a mover and shaker in his movement.

Hernandez’s top-level role with AAAT saw him representing the LBTQ community at various events, marches, political meetings, and even the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica, where Hernandez lobbied for self-identification laws.

The IACHR has jurisdiction over 25 of the 35 member nations of the Organization of American States (OAS). Hernandez visited the Court in 2016 to promote making self-identification laws more widespread. In 2018, the IACHR declared that “the change of name and the rectification of public records and identity documents to conform to a person’s gender identity” are protected rights. Just last year, the IACHR ordered the government of Honduras to implement policies that would facilitate gender self-identification and the falsification of biological sex on official documents.

In February 2017, Hernandez was seen with Hugo Martinez, who was El Salvador’s Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time. Hernandez had lobbied Martinez for support on self-identification laws.

This same accused sex offender was highlighted in a profile story by the NY Times in 2018.

If a pastor or priest with this level of notoriety faced similar charges, the entire ministry or association with whom that person was connected would have these charges hung around their necks like an albatross.

But the media is very selective in their outrage, and would never speak the truth — however ugly that truth may be — when it impugns the reputation of their political allies.

This is the same problem we saw with those unreported rapes of teen girls in Loudon Country schools, where the school district was more concerned about reputational damage to the school, or the political damage of accusing a dude in a skirt than they were of not one, but two girls that dude in a skirt had victimized.

Whenever the news story centers on a political enemy, it can and will be used to smear the entire movement. When it’s a political ally, it can and will be treated as a statistical outlier. The offender, if he cannot be protected and rehabilitated, will be hermetically sealed from the movement and thrown under the bus. Any role he had in history will be quietly airbushed away with a ruthless efficiency that would leave Stalin himself gobsmacked.

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