OP-ED: If you’re not on WiMKiN, you’re not on REAL Social Media

Published on May 21, 2022

So many of you have flocked to the Gettrs, Truth Socials, and Parlers of the world only to be blatantly disappointed to find out they censor and they are absolutely featureless like Twitter. Well, there does exist a REAL FREE Speech Platform that is designed to rival, and has every feature of Facebook and then some. If you’re not on WiMKiN, you’re not on REAL FREE speech Social Media.

Wimkin stands for World Must Know (WMKN) in honor of their belief in protecting their user’s freedom of speech. They’re 100% American-owned and managed, and even beat their 7-month-long app store bans without one single compromise to their integrity.

Below is a graphic of how they stack up against all the Twitter knockoffs, and all of the posers that do not fight for their users’ voices.

Please join us on WiMKiN now! In either app store or at www.wimkin.com.

Here’s how the comparison between WiMKiN and the competitors shakes down.: