SO CREEPY: Angry Lib Cenk Has Thoughts About Transsexuals And Joe Rogan’s Sex Life (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 13, 2022

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It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Cenk Uygur, who’s a strong contender for the left’s most arrogant ball of rage. Well, on TV anyway.

We’ve talked about him here on ClashDaily before.

Who can forget his glorious meltdown on the night Trump got elected? But there were other low points in his life that were noted.

There was the time he raged at airline staff because he was personally inconvenienced by a flight delay. WATCH: Cenk Melts Down Yet AGAIN — This Time He’s Shouting At Airline Staff

Or how about when he got his ass handed to him when he ran for election — in California?

We were a little surprised to learn that Cenk is still around, and still has a show. After all, we’ve not heard his name for a while and had all but forgotten his name.

But, much like Keith Olberman, he was forgotten, but not quite gone.

Now he seems to have added ‘creepy’ to his standard repertoire of rage. He is taking shots at Joe Rogan.

It’s a short clip and it’s unclear what set him off, but Cenk seems to be reacting to Joe Rogan’s public position that athletes with male physiology (irrespective of how they may identify) have an unfair competitive advantage when challenging natural female athletes.

Rogan, for example, has openly stated his concerns about the implications of Lia Thomas running away with women’s swimming records.

Cenk put himself in the psychoanalyst’s chair and has decided he knows what’s ‘wrong’ with Joe Rogan.

In Cenk’s diseased little mind, the only reason Joe Rogan could have a different opinion than the one Cenk approves of is because he has had a negative sexual experience, and he is channeling his self-hatred at transsexuals in general.

Oh really, Cenk?

Then what explains your rage at, well, everyone?

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