ORWELLIAN: FDA Commissioner Says ‘Misinformation’ Is The ‘Leading Cause Of Death’ In The U.S.

Written by Wes Walker on May 13, 2022

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Biden’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Robert Califf went onto a radio program to tell us that misinformation is the leading cause of death.

That’s a pretty serious claim.

Since PJ Media’s Robert Spencer brought this story to our attention, let’s begin with his summary before weighing in with a few of our own observations.

Califf explained: “We’re in the negative spiral right now due to mostly chronic disease, drug overdose, and gun violence.” So where does “misinformation” come in? Well, you see, we’re not listening to our moral superiors when they tell us how to deal with these things:

Mental health being a very important part of the problem. If you think about the common chronic diseases we’re talking about good ol’ fashioned heart disease, diabetes, obesity. This is driven by day-to-day habits that people have. Driven largely by the information they’re ingesting and not driven by the information they should be getting about the measures that are affective. One that we have a lot of control over is we now have generic medicines for most of those that are pretty inexpensive and a lot of people aren’t taking them. We got to reach people with secondary prevention but also make sure we flood the airwaves and our personal interactions with positive, reliable, useful information. — PJMedia

The next day he was called on it. His ‘clarification’ included the following.

Uh, I have to acknowledge there’s no way to quantify this. So I can’t say, you know, the numbers come out just like they would, uh, heart disease or cancer. But let’s look at it. You know, we’re in a country now which is seeing an erosion in our life expectancy, so that we’re now living on average five years shorter than the average of other high-income countries. Now, of course, this– these are all based on estimates, but this is quite disturbing. And as you correctly pointed out, let’s look at the causes of death. Uh, as you correctly said, heart disease, cancer, COVID, uh, much of this is common chronic disease that we know a lot about how to treat. — PJMedia

He went into the predictable C-19 talking points about how vaccines and therapeutics are (still) the only thing standing behind the average person and horrible death. Spencer mocked Cardiff because even the NYTimes wasn’t backing up his talking points about vaccine efficacy and pointed out that Califf’s proposal would, definitionally, create an authoritarian police state.

I wonder if he would take as strong a stand, say, on the government cracking down on promiscuity as he would on pushing compliance to a ‘righteous’ food standard?

After all, strictly speaking, the leading cause of death is actually abortion… much of that is from casual sexual encounters.

And what would Califf have us do about the ‘misinformation’ that has led to the record numbers of fentanyl deaths? How would he address the bogus claim that there is ‘not a crisis at the border’?

Even his complaints about cardiac issues and weight have an inherent problem. As we speak, activists on the left are pushing a body-positivity movement that casts anyone who suggests that there is an ideally healthy weight as another kind of power-wielding bigoted oppressor hellbent on the control of big bodies.

Are you going to silence THEIR misinformation? Or would you take it further and have some kind of a jackboot enforcement team wrestling Ben and Jerry’s out of their sausage fingers … for the greater good, of course?

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