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Spine Discovered In Hollywood: Sony Tells China’s Censors To Pound Sand Over THIS Spiderman Edit

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Our finger-wagging moral ‘betters’ in Hollywood don’t have a great track record of standing on principle in opposition to China’s censors.

For example, for all of Disney’s bluster about going to war with Ron DeSantis over the anti-grooming laws and doubling down on deliberately including LGBT-related sexual themes in their content, they bow and scrape to Chinese and Russian censors who forbid such content in their films.

Disney crisply clicks its heels and salutes its Chinese puppetmaster in a way that might even make Lebron James blush. (Might.)

Even tough guy Cena showed that he dances to whatever tune China plays when he gave that emasculating, groveling Chinese-language apology for daring to acknowledge the mere existance of the free state of Taiwan.

Speaking of Taiwan, Chinese censors made Top Gun change Tom Cruise’s fighter jacket because it had a patch on it that made reference to Taiwan. That is verboten.

We’ve gotten so used to China having our entertainment makers held firmly by the short hairs that it’s refreshing to see anyone tell them ‘no’.

You can tell this is a principled stand because it’s coming at a significant cost to their bottom line.

Sony’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home” stood to hit US$2 billion (S$2.7 billion) at the global box office if it was released in Chinese cinemas.

However, according to Puck News, it was never released as Sony and Marvel Studio refused requests from Chinese authorities to amend the film. —MothershipNews

At a critical scene in the film, Lady Liberty features prominently in not just the backdrop, but in how the story itself unfolds. It has been deemed ‘too patriotic’ by Chinese censors who insisted on chages.

They wanted Lady Liberty removed. Sony said now. Censors tried again, asking that it be ‘dimmed’ so that the statue would be less noticeable in the film.

Sony told them (in so many words) to go to Hell. Unlike the NBA or Disney, their integrity is not for sale.

But wait, there’s more:

This is apparently not the first time Sony has rejected Chinese authorities’ request to censor their films.

According to the New York Post, Sony denied the request to remove a controversial portrayal of the late Bruce Lee in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. —MothershipNews

Maybe there is some sliver of hope for the future of Hollywood entertainment after all.

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