COVIDictators Will NOT Like What This MIT Study Said About Heart Problems

Written by Wes Walker on May 5, 2022

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Many of today’s ‘my body my choice’ protesters also cheered the aggressive government coercion techniques of making people get the jab — or else, proving compulsory health care can go VERY wrong.

Believe the science, we were told. Their version of science (unlike the real deal) does not permit skeptics to question it and demand evidence. THAT worldview would not even want us talking about the findings of a recent MIT study, because it would damage the official narratives.

When chants of ‘comply or else’ started costing people their livelihood, the nanny-state loving leftists cheered loudly, denouncing anyone hesitant to get stuck in the arm with unproven new technology as ‘anti-vaxxers’.

Patients were denied life-saving medical care — including transplants — if they failed to get that magical prick in their arm. And when it didn’t deliver that promised immunity, they just doubled down and insisted we get more and more doses of exactly the same formula.

Anyone wanting answers to specific questions or objections was flagged as a spreader of misinformation.

If we asked why our so-called health officials weren’t discussing cheap and widely-available theraputics or ways to reduce co-morbidities (including identifying and resolving easily solved vitamin D deficiencies, or shedding excess weight) we were the Devil himself.

Having a candid conversation about vaccine side effects, despite the fact that even such ‘safe’ drugs as Aspirin and Tylenol can have adverse reactions? That could get your social media shut down, or fact-checkers pressuring a website’s advertisers to withdraw support.

But one by one, ideas that were once ‘dangerous misinformation’ for which a social media account or website could be financially punished have filtered through into acceptable mainstream thought and public discourse.

Remember the Wuhan lab-leak? That used to be a ‘conspiracy theory’. Now it’s the more probable explanation for how the Chinavirus broke over us in the first place.

What are the buzzwords that come up whenever a dissenting opinion is offered? They isolate the speaker as an ‘outlier’. They undermine his credentials and authority. They claim that a higher authority has debunked him.

With that in mind, enter an MIT study that will be hard for the COVIDictators to wrap their heads around.

What MIT discovered

COVID-19 vaccination was “significantly associated” with a 25% jump in emergency medical services (EMS) for heart problems in 16-39 year-olds in Israel, whose vaccination rate is among the world’s highest, according to a peer-reviewed study by MIT researchers.

Published last week in the Nature journal Scientific Reports, the study found no association with COVID infections, however.

“While not establishing causal relationships, the findings raise concerns regarding vaccine-induced undetected severe cardiovascular side-effects and underscore the already established causal relationship between vaccines and myocarditis, a frequent cause of unexpected cardiac arrest in young individuals,” the study says. —JustTheNews

The cited source also had some other interesting data points, including the ruling in an Italian constitutional court that the vaccine ‘which said in part the reported death count exceeds the “normal and, therefore, tolerable” risk permitted under vaccine mandates.’

But we’ve got hack politicians putting a gun to people’s head saying take this shot or else lose your livelihood?

Something tells me a whole subset of lawyers will be salivating over potential damage awards in that one.

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