This 2024 Trump Art Will Make Biden Quake In His Depends

Written by Doug Giles on May 6, 2022

So Biden thinks MAGA peeps are very scary because We The People love our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence? Well then, scary we be! To celebrate our scariness, I have crafted an infamous line of Trump Art via my notorious easel just for you my God & Country loving patriots. My prints are great home and bar fodder for your summertime parties. Use promo code ‘spring30’ to get a whopping 30% off all originals and prints. Enjoy and share.

Trumpinator: We The People

Trump: Bring Him Back (2024 Edition)

Trump on Safari

Trump Slays The Red Dragon

A Successful Hunt

Make My Day

Red Wave

Trump: Wanted For ’24

Doug has a few Trump original oil paintings still available here.

The entire Trump Collection is here.