Elon Ends America’s Dependence On Russian Space Agency … And Dems STILL Think He’s A ‘Villain’?

Written by Wes Walker on May 6, 2022

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This is another of those awkward moments when rival Democrat talking points disprove one another, and they are left wondering whether to zig or zag.

Weirdly, we have a curious leftist reprise of the old ‘Red Scare’. Anyone with even tangential connections to Russia is suddenly the devil himself.

Meanwhile, putting a blue and yellow flag on your social media or taking some act that helps Ukraine or hurts Russia instantly confers a status of secular sainthood.

But every so often, there’s a glitch in the Matrix that makes the NPC’s have to rethink those assumptions.

For example, there’s the story of a Russian oligarch who provided Putin with the drones he’s been using in his war effort in Ukraine. Other Western nations have sanctioned him, but Biden’s administration has not. Hunter happens to have had business dealings with that oligarch in the past.

The media went full mad dog in attacking Don Jr with far less evidence, but even with a smoking gun tying Hunter to a Putin insider? Crickets.

Political insiders can get a pass. But there are exceptions in the other direction too.

Even playing an explicit role in helping America become LESS reliant on Russia in some important part of our industry gets no gratitude from a press hellbent on calling him a Threat To Democracy™.

For years, a floundering NASA has turned to agreements with Russia to get American astronauts or payloads into space.

A task big government in America couldn’t figure out has been shouldered by private industry. Now, the American company SpaceX has taken up the role of being the ‘rideshare’ app NASA calls on to bring anyone into orbit … or back again.

For all that, Musk still gets the Rodney Dangerfield treatment of ‘no respect’ from the media elite. All because his committment to free speech on Twitter is a threat to Democrat plans to silence their political rivals.

How bad is it? Well, this is the defamatory schlock NYTimes wrote about him on his own app, despite the fact that his father belonged to the anti-apartheid political party in South Africa.

This is who the media elites have always been. The difference is, we have more than one information source, and can more easily see when we are being manipulated.

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