TWITTER EXPOSED: Undercover Videos Of Senior Employees Show Elon Musk Has A LOT Of House Cleaning To Do…

Written by K. Walker on May 19, 2022

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It looks like some senior Twitter employees aren’t too thrilled with the idea of Elon Musk becoming their boss.

Currently, Musk’s acquisition has been paused as the billionaire seeks further information about the number of bot and span accounts on the platform.

Musk insists that he’s still committed to buying the social media platform and for many users it just can’t happen soon enough.

Recently, Project Veritas released a pair of videos exposing what a couple of senior Twitter employees thought of Elon Musk, the purchase of the platform, and the divide between his vision for Twitter and what it currently is.

On Monday, PV released Part 1 of “Twitter Exposed” which shows Siru Murugesan, a Senior Engineer at Twitter who said that many of his colleagues are on the far-left and “hate” the idea of Elon Musk buying Twitter. Murugesan said of the acquisition, “this would be my last day if it happens.”

“Our jobs are at stake, he’s a capitalist and we weren’t really operating as capitalists, more like very socialist. Like we’re all like commie as f**k,” says Murugesan.

When asked if he thought there was a difference between Twitter’s definition of free speech and Elon’s definition of free speech Murugesan replied, “Twitter does not believe in free speech… Elon believes in free speech.”

Murugesan also said that Twitter employees tried to push back against the deal with Musk, but failed.

“We did all we could to like revolt against it. A lot of employees were revolting against it, but at the end of the day, the board of directors have the say.”

He said that the Board of Directors “…acted on their best interests ‘cause they didn’t want to get sued… they’re always looking out for themselves at the end of the day.”

He also attempted to explain the sudden surge in right-wing accounts and drop in left-wing accounts immediately after Musk announced the intention to purchase the social media platform. Murugesan said that the sudden bump in right-wingers was because Elon is the “new Trump” and some users that had left decided to come back. He says that right-wingers “didn’t feel safety” on Twitter and now they do because of Elon. Murugesan says that now left-wingers will feel “less safe” on the platform and doesn’t believe that both parties can exist on the same platform.

Musk is a free speech absolutist and has insisted that free speech is necessary for a healthy democracy. He said that he believes that Twitter banning former President Trump from the platform was a mistake and believes it is better to have everyone on one platform able to debate rather than creating echo chambers on various platforms.

Murugesan says that Twitter employees prioritize their own mental health over running Twitter and disregard “capitalist” ideas like operating expenses. He added that some people take off months at a time and then come back.

Part 2 is video of Twitter Lead Client Partner, Alex Martinez, who sometimes speaks on behalf of the company at events. In the video, Martinez discusses Twitter’s ideology and mocks Elon Musk as “Special Needs” because he has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Echoing what Murugesan said about the “communist” values of Twitter, Martinez says, “Right now, we don’t make profit. So, I’m going to say ideology, which is what led us into not being profitable.”

“If we’re implementing all these rules, and Elon wants to dismantle them, then technically our ideology has led us to not making money because we’re not making money, and Elon wants to turn it the other way so that we can make money,” Martinez said.

Again reflecting what Murugesan said, Twitter employees see the platform very differently than Elon’s vision of what Twitter should, “The rest of us who have been here believe in something that’s good for the planet and not just to give people free speech.”

“People don’t know how to make a rational decision if you don’t put out… correct things that are supposed to be out in the public, right?” said Martinez.

“He has Asperger’s,” Martinez says adding, “so, he’s special.” Martinez goes further, “We all know that and that’s fine. So here, no one’s going to say some f**king crazy sh*t because he’s special.”

Later, he said that becuase Musk is “special needs” Martinez couldn’t take what he said seriously.

The best part of the video is at the very end where Martinez tells the undercover journalist that Twitter has warned employees that there has been an effort to obtain company information by “groups like Project Veritas.” He even shows the undercover journalist the email.

When the undercover journalist played dumb and asked what Project Veritas was, Martinez replied, “It’s like some group that’s just trying to out the employees. Like, they’re trying to go on dates with them, like this, and record them.”

“You’re lucky that you met me organically cause I would be questioning everything about you,” says Martinez at the end of the video.

Oh, the irony!

James O’Keefe managed to confront Martinez on his disparaging comments about Elon Musk, but Martinez refused to speak to him. O’Keefe was yelled at by a restaurant patron and he and Martinez ended up sprinting down the streets of New York.

Elon Musk responded to the videos posted on Twitter:

Martinez might want to brush up his resume — it looks like he’s going to need it.

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