WATCH: Biden’s New WH Press Secretary Has A History Of Calling Things She Doesn’t Like ‘Racist’

Written by K. Walker on May 16, 2022

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It probably shouldn’t surprise you — the new White House Press Secretary is, after all, a Democrat.

Karine Jean-Pierre is the newly-minted White House Press Secretary following the departure of Jen “Circle Back” Psaki after a year and a half serving in the administration.

While she’s been filling in a few times in the White House Briefing Room — particularly when Jen Psaki contracted COVID a couple of times — as is the case with the majority of new Press Secretaries, Jean-Pierre is still relatively unknown to many Americans.

The administration is touting her “diversity” — a Haitian black lesbian who is married and has a child — but they’re a bit light on discussing her credentials even though she certainly has those.

But what are her views?

The New York Post examined Jean-Pierre’s tweets between 2015 and 2020 and found that she had repeatedly accused people, policies, ideas, and even words of being “racist” a whopping 57 times.

Her favorite target appears to be the former President.

In a Facebook video posted by, she proudly said that she is “everything that Donald Trump hates.”

She then called him a racist repeatedly on Twitter.

So stunning and so brave to spout the same line as everyone else in the Regime Media along with every Democrat and Dem operative.

But she didn’t stop there.

And Jean-Pierre accused people and ideas she was opposed to as “racist” at least 43 times in TV appearances too, according to video clipping service Grabien, whose available analysis spanned just the first two years of President Trump’s term in office.

Her target on both social media and TV was overwhelmingly Trump.

“If it walks like a racist, talks like a racist, acts like a racist, it is a racist and we have a racist president in the White House who really pushes his racism like a peacock,” she told a smirking panel on the MSNBC show “AM Joy” in 2018…

…“[Fox News] was racist before coronavirus, they are racist during the coronavirus, Fox News will be racist after the coronavirus,” Jean-Pierre said during a March 15 appearance on “AM Joy.” She also blasted the American Israel Public Affairs Committee as “severely racist,” in a Newsweek Op-Ed from 2019.

She has also attacked former President Trump’s wall along the southern border as racist, and has suggested the same about voter ID laws.

Jean-Pierre, a public devotee of Critical Race Theory, and its founder, the radical academic Kimberlé Crenshaw, also includes her own country in the broadside. She has embraced the position that “systemic racism” runs through every facet of the United States. The viewpoint is a cornerstone of CRT thinking.
Source: New York Post

Here is a clip of a few things that Karine Jean-Pierre has called racist just in the past few years.

This sort of thing is just disgusting, but it shouldn’t be surprising — this is what the Democratic Party and the “Progressive” Left, in general, seem to have embraced.

No one should be shocked that Jean-Pierre is a partisan hack that espouses this sort of vitriol against her opponents.

She has a bunch of progressive bona fides including her work on multiple Democrat campaigns, political commentator roles at left-leaning cable news networks, and a stint in a senior position at — the organization that was formed in the wake of the Bill Clinton impeachment telling everyone to just “move on” from the President’s disturbing history of sexual harassment, assault, rape, and exploitation of women to “more pressing issues.” (Funny how the Dems didn’t have that same “move on” attitude during the Trump years when they were calling him a “Cheeto” and pushing the Russian Collusion Hoax, eh?)

Jean-Pierre was deputy campaign manager on Martin O’Malley’s 2016 presidential campaign, then chief public affairs officer for the progressive grassroots group MoveOn

…Jean-Pierre appeared as a political analyst on the NBC and MSNBC networks but, with Biden’s election, returned to the White House. As principal deputy press secretary she has sometimes briefed in Psaki’s absence, for example when the latter was ill with coronavirus…

…Jean-Pierre’s partner is Suzanne Malveaux, a correspondent at CNN. Amid questions over potential conflicts of interest, the network has said Malveaux “will continue in her role as CNN National Correspondent covering national/international news and cultural events but will not cover politics, Capitol Hill, or the White House”.
Source: The Guardian

Before you just dismiss Karine Jean-Pierre as a “diversity hire” because she ticks all the right boxes — understand that that’s exactly what the left wants you to do.

Wanting to have headlines touting the “first” this- or that- is baked into the cake for Democrat hiring practices. This is no surprise.

She wasn’t just hired for her “intersectional” identities, she was also hired because she is very good at spin and spitting out the partisan talking points. It’s literally her job.

We all know that no matter how much the Left insists that Psaki was the “greatest White House Press Secretary of all time,” (yes, really!) it’s pretty clear from clips that she wasn’t so great at spin and was constantly having to do clean-up after Biden or Harris made a mess during a speech.

Maybe Karine Jean-Pierre will be better at the job than Psaki. She appears to be a bit more personable, but then, Jen Psaki with her fake smile and lack of personality didn’t do much to dispel the myth that redheads are soulless.

Although, Jean-Pierre did recently laugh when asked who was handling the baby formula crisis, and she does seem to have a history of calling a whole lot of things racist, so there’s that.

Jean-Pierre’s big break came when she was hired to work on Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign which led to a position in the Obama White House as a regional director in the office of political affairs.

An Obama alum. Of course.

Well, be prepared to have any criticism of her labeled “racist” immediately in the Regime Media just as they did with any criticism of Obama.

The Left is determined to put you into an identity box and it doesn’t matter what your race or orientation or whatever is — the box they want to put you in is the deplorable/Ultra-MAGA/racist box. All of those things mean the same to them. And they want to do it to silence you because you dare to disagree with their policies.

So much for the “Biden unity” that the country was promised.

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