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WATCH: Ted Cruz ROASTS Gun-Grabber Agenda With Obama’s Facts And Dems’ Vote Record

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This entire conversation is in response to last week’s shooting at the Uvalde Elementary school, but Ted Cruz raises some points that even gun-grabbing Democrats would have trouble answering.

The first of those points is some very inconvenient federal firearms data that was released during the Obama administration, which could hardly be accused of being in the gun lobby’s pocket.

The second goes back to a Cruz Grassley bill that could have been long since signed into law, were it not for Democrat obstruction.

At the 14:40 mark, he gives the following Obama White House statistic:

Firearms are used defensively in the United States between 500,000 and 1,000,000 times per year — used to stop the commission of a crime.

So if the left succeeds in taking away everyone’s firearms all of the instances —

Now, that doesn’t mean that there are between 500,000 and 1,000,000 gunfights. Many, many times, firearms are used to stop a robbery, to stop an attempted murder, to stop a kidnapping where the gun isn’t fired, but simply brandishing the gun causes the criminal to abandon the criminal effort. And that happens, according to the Obama White House, between five hundred thousand and a million times a year.

So eliminating firearms would, I believe, cause far more loss of live because criminals would be able to maraud, would be able to commit assaults, and would not be worried about people defending themselves.

[He goes on to point to data between blue states and red states that bolster this exact point.]

At 16:40, he goes back to legislation he and Grassley sponsored in response to the slaughter in Sandy Hook.

Their legislation focused on some inadequacies of the background check system that looks to see if you have a felony conviction.

That database is only as good as the information in it, and a lot of states (interestingly enough, many of them Blue States) have terrible records reporting the felonies to the background check database. If you look at Sutherland Springs, which was the church shooting in Texas, in that instance, the crime should have been prevented. Why? Because the shooter there, it was already illegal for him to buy a firearm. He was a felon and he had a domestic violence conviction, so it was doubly illegal.

So why was he able to buy his firearm? Well, because the reason is that the Obama Air Force never reported the conviction to the background check database.

When he bought his firearms and they ran his name in the database, his conviction didn’t pop up, because it had never been added.

He cites the statistic that 48,000 felons and fugitives tried to illegally purchase firearms since 2010. And only 48 cases have ever been prosecuted.

So, whatever happened to the Cruz/Grassley bill?

It managed to secure 52 votes in the Senate, including 9 Democrats but it still didn’t pass.

Why not?

Because Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer filibustered it. They wouldn’t let it pass without 60 votes.

Who knows how many lives might have been saved if that bill had gone through. Certainly, there’s a good chance the Sutherland Springs shooter would have been denied the guns he used on the killing spree in that Church.

At 25:25, Ted goes on to debunk a lot of the ‘America is the worst place in the world for gun violence’ statistics.

The same Democrats who screamed Bloody Murder after Jan 6, and wrapped themselves in ridiculous amounts of security aren’t even willing to have a conversation about solutions that WOULD move the needle, solutions like hardening the schools, using a single point of entry during school hours, involving armed security at the school, bulletproof glass, and locks on individual school doors.

Why? Becuase they are far more committed to keeping the issue of gun rights on the table than they are to reducing harm to children.

Next time Democrats accuse us of playing politics with the gun issue, be sure and ask them about the Cruz/Grassley bill that Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats blocked.

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