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Doug's Columns

Cigars & Sermons — Every Sunday In The Beautiful Texas Hill Country

If you love God & Country, then you will love our Cigars & Sermons events here in Wimberley, TX. Beginning June 5th, 2022, we meet every Sunday, at 11 am, at the VFW in Wimberley.

Here’s the address so you can join us:

401 Jacobs Well Road (CR 182)
Wimberley, TX 78676

The sermons are served up by Doug Giles. Doug is a best-selling author, host of the Doug Giles Podcast, co-host of the Warriors & Wildmen Podcast (1M downloads) Big Dawg here at (280M page views) and graduate of Knox Theological Seminary.

Regarding the content and the vibe of the event Giles says, ‘Well … if you’re looking for a Politically Correct, warm and fuzzy, Hipster Church … this ain’t it. We have a high view of scripture. We have a healthy dose of the fear of God. We declare with great joy and boldness that Jesus is the only way to The Father, and we understand that Satan and his defeated ilk are doing everything in their power to wipe out the Church and this God-blessed nation. Ergo, we’re here to combat el Diablo and his devices. We do that, primarily, by putting brains (Rom 12:2) and balls (Prov 28:1) on believers during our corporate gathering. As the church goes, so goes culture and politics. So, if we want to change our crass culture and the putrid political milieu, then the Church has got to get its crap together and quit being part of the problem by being beholden to what men think versus what God thinks’. Giles also says that he is ‘big time into Semper Reformada’. He adds, ‘If you don’t know what that means… Google it.’

If you’re in the Austin/San Antonio area, come join us. It’s a short, beautiful drive to our Sunday morning soiree.

What others say about Doug Giles:

Doug Giles brings the heat … as in the exact kind of refining heat the wussified church desperately needs. If you think he is too salty, then bless your heart but stay out of my foxhole because you aren’t ready for the battle that has come to the door of the Church. But if you can handle the flames, then get ready to lock shields with Godly warriors called to push back evil at such a time as this. Doug will challenge, inspire, equip, offend, and embolden you … usually all at once and you’ll love him for it. Welcome to the fight
— Rick Green, Founder of Patriot Academy.

I think Doug Giles brings a sharp, humorous, bold, and captivating style to ministry that strikes a chord with young people.
— Dr. R.C. Sproul

There is NO way to describe Doug adequately, so I won’t even try. Suffice it to say there is NO ONE like him and I’m grateful for him.
— Eric Metaxas

Doug Giles speaks the truth … he’s a societal watchdog … a funny bastard.
— Ted Nugent

Doug Giles is a good man, and his bambinas are fearless. His girls Hanna and Regis Giles are indefatigable. I admire the Giles clan from afar.
— Dennis Miller

Doug Giles must be some kind of a great guy if CNN wants to impugn him.
— Rush Limbaugh

Doug Giles, the perfect dynamite needed to ignite a fire in the belly of every man, woman, and child to live like warriors.
— Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West

If you have friends and family in the Texas Hill country, let them know about what God’s been doing in their neighborhood.