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Disturbing Videos Emerge From ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Event In Dallas

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The “Drag Your Kids To Pride” event was held at a 21+ gay bar in Dallas. That should have been a red flag.

Libraries have been hosting “Drag Queen Story Hour” for preschoolers for years, we’re seeing that schools are holding drag shows for students during school hours, there are lessons for kids to learn the ins and outs of drag performances like costumes and make-up, and now so-called “family-friendly” drag shows are being advertized all over the country.

A few days ago, Libs of TikTok posted a “Mega Drag Thread” about the concerted effort to normalize drag performance for children.

One of the tweets was eye-popping because it was an advertisement to a drag show in Dallas on Saturday at an adults-only gay bar where admission is normally only for those 21+.

An image of one of the drag queens who was scheduled to host doesn’t look very tame at all.

Does this look like a non-sexual performer to you?

The event was held on June 4 at Mr. Missters which is clearly an adult-themed establishment with neon signs that read “It’s not gonna lick itself” and “I licked it so it’s mine” all lit up.

These should have been taken as more red flags that this entire thing wasn’t appropriate for children.

The first sign served as a backdrop for the Drag show.

Despite the very adult venue, several families with young children were in attendance.

So were some independent journalists with cameras to show what the heck was going on in that bar.

Tayler Hansen (left) and Aldo Buttazzoni (right) took a number of videos of the event.

It turns out… exactly what you’d expect.

Grooming kids to accept sexualized performances of gay men dressing up as women as totally normal.

The kids were even handing out cash to the drag queens.

They were also invited to take part in the show.

It looks like not everyone was keen to be there, though.

I don’t think organizers expected parents to take the event name, “Drag Your Kids To Pride” so literally.

Supporters standing outside acting as “security” didn’t have much to say about why they’re supporting kids being exposed to drag shows.

But, according to organizers, it was a success.

I admit that I may have been wrong about that guy Alex Stein who was trolling city council meetings.

He’s now doing God’s work and I don’t even care if it’s just for clicks.

He took a whole lot of heat… and some abuse for showing up.

Godspeed, Alex.

Buttazzoni interviewed a few people after the event including some of the performers. They all insist that it’s really good for kids and many performers believe that it will encourage kids to try drag.

This wasn’t in San Francisco… this was in Dallas, Texas. Granted, cities lean much further left even in red states, but still!

This sort of B.S. is happening everywhere.

It’s bad enough that drag queens are dancing in front of children, but the kids are being encouraged to participate in the grotesque sexualized performance either by joining them onstage and dancing, or by shoving dollar bills at them.

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon is not mincing words with the overt sexualization of kids at these events.

Geez, are you taking little Janie along with you when you enjoy the buffet at the strip club later, or can we just admit that sticking dollar bills in dancers’ underwear isn’t appropriate for children?

Question for the woman in the hat with her phone out capturing this precious moment for posterity — if it is inappropriate for a child to shove a dollar bill in the underwear of a scantily clad woman, why is it ok to do that for a man pretending to be a scantily clad woman?

While the Groomers that want to celebrate all things LGBTQRSTUV+ (or whatever the hell it is today) insist that Drag Queens are totally innocent forms of entertainment, that’s simply not true.

Frank McCormick, a history teacher that is sounding the alarm on the indoctrination of children in public schools nails the issue in this thread.

Tayler Hansen said that this was the most disturbing thing that he had ever reported on.

“Overall, it was just terrible. It was disgusting,” said Hansen on the car ride home.

Hansen said that the most disturbing part of the day was when he overheard a boy tell the bartender that he wasn’t gay but then his mom “interrupted this child and said, ‘no, he is gay, don’t let him lie to you — he is.’”

This is exactly what conservatives mean by “grooming” — a term that the left takes such an issue with. While “grooming” has come to mean preparing a child to be sexually abused, that’s not necessarily what is meant. This is an erosion of a child’s innocence, indoctrinates them in radical gender theory, and exposes them to overtly sexualized content from an early age. If that’s not “grooming” them to accept fringe fetishes and gay adult entertainment as normal, then what is it?

Why can’t these weirdos leave the kids alone and just let kids be kids?

We know why. That’s why we call them groomers.

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