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ICE Just Broke Up 2 More Child Trafficking Rings — Does AOC Still Want To Defund It?

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Dems hate ICE with the heat of a thousand suns because their job is a threat to what Hillary’s Comms director called the ‘key’ to Democrat’s electoral future.

That key according to a leaked 2018 memo, was illegal immigration. That leaked internal memo described so-called ‘Dreamers’ as being a ‘critical component of Dems future electoral success‘.

That’s strange, isn’t it? We were assured that such talk of artificially messing around with American demographics for political gain was somewhere between a conspiracy theory and a myth. Surely there’s some OTHER explanation for the left’s radical commitment to open borders and cutting enforcement.

Before we get into how ICE has broken up some of the ugliest and most vicious organized crime in America, here’s a quick recap of the left’s hatred for everything ICE stands for:

Seeing how choked up she got about ‘children being separated from their families, AOC must be absolutely thrilled about this ICE operation:

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) El Paso, the Texas Department of Public Safety and numerous other federal, state and local agencies located and recovered 70 missing children as a part of a three-week operation in West Texas.

“Operation Lost Souls” ran from the end of April through mid-May in El Paso, Midland and Ector and Tom Green counties. The missing youth, many of them runaways, ranged in age from 10 to 17. The children recovered included victims of sex trafficking, and physical and sexual abuse. The majority of the children were located in West Texas, but some were located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex as well as the state of Colorado and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The agencies provided victim services and counseling to the recovered children and their families. —ICE

Is one not enough to convince you? How about another one?

On Tuesday, results from an undercover operation dubbed “Spring Fling” aimed at targeting alleged sexual predators was announced by local law enforcement in partnership with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

HSI joined the Scottsdale Police Department Human Exploitation and Trafficking (HEaT) Unit along with Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Surprise Police Departments along with Arizona State University Police Department for Operation Spring Fling.

This was an undercover operation targeting the demand for commercial sex, sex buyers, and human trafficking, which led to 43 arrests for crimes including child sex trafficking, prostitution, drug charges, and misconduct involving weapons. The focus was on hotel prostitution and street prostitution enforcement. The suspects allegedly solicited and/or brokered deals for various sex acts and were subsequently arrested. —ICE

Those 2 stories were from just this past week, published 2 days apart. You can only imagine what other results they are getting done.

With an agency doing such important work, it’s shocking that this is one of the few branches of government that Democrats want to give LESS money to.

Surely there’s some explanation for why Democrats are reluctant to deport people who have come here illegally, and quick to reward those who have enriched the cartels by risking rape by coming across the border. You might think that protecting would-be new Americans from the horrors of rape trees and shocking percentage of sexual assaults might be reason enough to close the border and build the wall.

What do we mean by shocking percentages? Back in 2019, a Princeton study pegged that number at 80%. If Biden and Kamala cared about rape victims, she’d close that border down yesterday.

With Democrats forever telling us that ‘silence is violence’ we can only conclude that their refusal to stop the victimization of women and young girls subject to the wicked whims of criminal cartels carrying them over the border is a conscious decison on their part to prioritize political expediency above the health, safety, or sometimes even the lives of the cartel’s helpless victims.

“The rape trees are real, and that’s kind of a price that every young woman or every woman that crosses the border knows she has to pay to that coyote, the smuggler who brings her. It’s kind of part of the trip. You know, I’m just going to have sex with you,” he said. — CNS

Power must be one helluva drug. Isn’t that right, AOC?

But does it let you sleep at night?

If you know about someone in trouble, there’s a way you can help.

HSI also encourages the public to report suspected sex trafficking or any suspicious activity through its toll-free Tip Line at 1-866-DHS-2-ICE, or by completing its online tip form. Both are staffed around the clock by investigators. From outside the United States and Canada, callers should dial (802) 872-6199. Hearing impaired users may call TTY (802) 872-6196.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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