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LAPTOP FROM HELL: Audio File Of Hunter Biden Saying His Dad Will Do Anything He Tells Him To

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Hunter Biden’s own words just added one more damning layer of evidence bolstering the allegations of Biden family political pay-for-play.

Back when he did the 60 Minutes interview, Hunter said he likely wouldn’t have had many of the opportunities he had had he not been the son of Senator Joe Biden.

A flurry of contact between Obama’s White House and Burisma-connected individuals and agencies came at a critical moment in time when Burisma stood to directly benefit from Joe Biden’s now-infamous intervention. You know the quote: ‘If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. [pause] Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.’

One of the missing pieces to this puzzle was the question of just how much influence Hunter had over his father’s decisions.

People have speculated from the beginning that Joe doesn’t seem to be the one in charge, even in his own administration. If Joe isn’t calling the shots … who IS?

Audio from Hunter’s laptop — in his own voice — paints the picture that Hunter holds quite a lot of influence.

Joe himself has said that Hunter Biden is the smartest person he knows.

Yes, we’re talking about the same guy who pulled parmesan cheese off the carpet and smoked it … hoping it might be drugs.

Now, a newly leaked audio file from the Laptop From Hell has a recorded conversation in which Hunter brags about his ability to influence politics and get things done with his father in elected office.

In the first minute of the 6-minute clip with British artist Phillipa Horan, he’s bragging about his ability to drive the news cycle on the front page of top-tier newspapers and how he can use that attention for political gain.

More critically, in the second minute, he’s bragging about his ability to steer Joe to talk about any topic that Hunter considers important. 1:46 — ‘he’s gonna talk about drug reform and any other thing I want him to talk about. … If I say this is important to me, he will find a way to make it a part of his platform’.

From there, he talks about his admiration for his dad and for how Joe and Hunter both think Hunter is the better man because Joe has told him he is since he was 2 years old, and then he talks very openly and plainly about the nature of his drug addiction.

This audio clip is taken from a larger conversation.

The same Washington Examiner article that broke this audio gave some compelling evidence that Hunter can actually influence his dad’s decisions.

It tells a story about someone connected to a charity asking Hunter if his dad would be part of an awards ceremony.

Michael Karloutsos, the son of the Rev. Alex Karloutsos, leader of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, reached out to Hunter Biden in mid-October 2018 about having Joe Biden appear at an award ceremony later that month. —WashingtonExaminer

Hunter agreed to it. Joe’s staffers nixed it. Hunter insisted. Joe’s staffer’s pushed back. Ultimately, the resolution to the battle of influence within Joe’s circle was entered into the record of the church’s documents this way:

Former Vice President Biden made a surprise visit to Athenagoras Human Rights Award Banquet, and offered remarks.” The remarks included Joe Biden thanking “Father Alex” and his wife for their support during the illness and death of Beau Biden, saying, “Your family is family to the Biden family.” —WashingtonExaminer

Clearly, Hunter does have some kind of pull there.

Audio like this puts his connections to China in a whole new light now don’t they? Especially his personal connection and representation (spoken in his own voice!) to the effing ‘spy chief of China’: Audio: Hunter’s Representation Of The ‘F**king Spy Chief Of China’ … Is That News?

A former business associate is serving time for corruption charges, a company he did work with had to (retroactively!) claim they were working as agents of foreign governments, there are millions of reasons to suspect he might be trading influence for money.

But we’re all supposed to pretend like there’s no story here?

Sorry. No can do.

After all, doesn’t Democracy die in darkness, or something like that?

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Wes Walker

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