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Remember Dubya’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Gaffe? Biden’s First 18 Months Have Been SO Much WORSE

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Some of our readers are too young to remember as far back as May 1, 2003. But it’s a date Dubya would like to forget. That’s the day he had that dramatic ‘Mission Accomplished’ speech on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

He landed on the deck in his flight suit speaking confidently about America’s great success in liberating Iraq. He considered the fighting all but over and was prematurely celebrating his win.

In the short time since he ran for President, Biden has already made a few grandiose promises on a scale comparable to Dubya’s unforced error that day.

One of the biggest ones was his campaign promise to ‘shut down the virus, not the economy’.

More recently, his anti-Putin boasting has come back to haunt him.

Remember Biden’s taunt to Trump about COVID-19 deaths?

During the final presidential debate in Oct. 2020, Biden noted that the death toll had crossed 220,000 at the time. He said, “Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the coronavirus led to the deaths of 377,883 Americans in 2020.

As of Monday, [early December 2021] at least 786,964 Americans have died from the virus, which means 409,081 people have died from COVID-19 in 2021 with just under a month to go. — IJR

By Biden’s own logic, Biden should have resigned as POTUS before he’d finished his first year in office. Those numbers are 6 months old. Official total US deaths are now more than a million… with the casualty rates of even just the last 6 months high enough that 2020 Joe Biden would be calling for 2022 Joe Biden’s resignation again, even if the clock had reset to zero last December.

So much for ‘shutting down the virus’.

Then there was his boasting about the impact his sanctions were having on Putin.

Here’s what Joe said in March after Western sanctions were slapped on Putin:

Mr Biden told a news conference at the White House on Tuesday that the “Ruble and Russian economy cratering.”

He added that “Putin is crippled.” —WorldNews

How did that hold up? Not so well.

Not long after Biden declared that the crippling of Russia’s economy was a ‘Mission Accomplished’ done deal, the Ruble was flying high all over again, per CBS:

Russia’s ruble is the strongest currency in the world this year

The ruble has slipped again since that article, but it’s a long way from being dead in the water.

If anything, it’s America’s economy that is on shaky ground looking around for foreign help, as Margot Cleveland’s headline from a couple of days ago showed:

Biden To World: Russia, Oil Sheiks, And China Control The U.S. Economy

Gee, maybe that had something to do with Biden’s energy policy right out of the gate?

Which takes us to the other part of his boasting — the American Economy.

The economy Biden inherited from Trump was a coiled spring waiting to be released from the artificial constraint of a pandemic. All Joe had to do was… not throw any wrenches in the gears. That was too much to ask.

The economic gains he began with when Governors allowed people to go back to work have already collapsed. As of this week, the stock market has given back all the gains that it picked up since the economy reopened.

Inflation is way up. So are intrest rates.

And now we’re on the knife’s edge of a recession.

Let’s go, Brandon!

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