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While Dems Push BDS, Enes Kanter Freedom Raises Holocaust Awareness Among Brooklyn’s Muslim Students

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Democrats pay lip service to the idea of opposing antisemitism while backing practices that support people aligned with actual terrorists.

When they have an opportunity to slander their Republican enemies with accusations of antisemitism, they are more than happy to do so.

When racist attacks against Jewish New Yorkers, for instance, are perpetrated by a group that doesn’t fit their ‘white supremecist’ narrative, they fall strangely silent.

WEISS: Well, it seems to be happening often from people who live in the neighborhood. We don’t know that much about the perpetrators. What we do know is that people that live in Crown Heights don’t tend to be white supremacists. And to judge from the footage of many of these attacks, at least some of the perpetrators seem to be young black men or teenagers. And perhaps that’s one of the reasons that so many people want to avert their eyes from what’s happening in places like Crown Heights. — NPR

Activists on the Democrats’ left flank are pushing for the antisemitic BDS platform to be institutionalized in American policies and programs.

They have been making headway, and have not only successfully reversed some Trump-era distancing from the political causes of Palestinians, but they are looking to make foreign policy changes about embassies and consulates that could fly in the face of existing US law. JERUSALEM: Biden’s Move To Roll Back Trump’s Embassy Changes Could Violate US Law

In contrast to that, Enes Kanter Freedom — who is himself Muslim and learned a thing or two about living under a political tyranny while he lived in Turkey — is leading the way to bridge religious divides instead of inflaming them.

As part of a multifaith initiative, Enes is raising Holocaust awareness among Muslim American schoolchildren.

At the Brooklyn Amity School, a majority-Muslim private school in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, high school students are taking part in a new Holocaust education initiative with an unlikely ambassador: NBA center and free agent Enes Kanter Freedom.

Kanter Freedom, who is Muslim, grew up in Turkey and played for five different NBA teams between 2011 and 2022. Over the last couple of years, he has become outspoken about human rights violations in Turkey and other parts of the world, including China, whose treatment of the Muslim Uighur people has been described by the US State Department as genocide.

The Holocaust education program being taught at Amity is underwritten by The Blue Card, a non-profit that assists Holocaust survivors, and the Turkish Cultural Center of New York. The curriculum was created by Mehnaz Afridi, a professor at Manhattan College who directs its Holocaust, Genocide & Interfaith Education Center. —JPost

That sure is more productive than some of the Squad members’ kneejerk spewing of oppressed/oppressor us-vs-them anti-Israeli rhetoric, don’t you think?

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