7 Topics Where The WH Press Corps OWNED The WH Press Secretary (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on July 30, 2022

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is clearly in over her head.

It’s been just a couple of months since Karine “I Don’t Have Anything” Jean-Pierre took the reins from Jen “Circle Back” Psaki and it hasn’t been an improvement at all.

But then, what do you expect from a White House that hired the Obama J.V. team, and even those mediocre clowns can see that this is a sinking ship? The ones that remain aren’t exactly the cream of the crop.

Here’s a sample from just this week of the White House Press Secretary’s lackluster performance.

1. China’s Threat Against Speaker Pelosi

Chinese state media threatened to shoot down the plane of Speaker Nancy Pelosi if she visits Taiwan on her tour of Asia. That would be a hostile foreign power making a threat against the person second in line to the Presidency.

What does the White House Press Secretary have to say on that? Nada, apparently.

Since Day 1, Bejing Biden’s regime has shown nothing but weakness to China and it doesn’t look like things will change anytime soon.

2. Gaslighting on Recession

All of a sudden, two consecutive quarters of negative growth — which was the definition of what a recession is for the past 48 years — no longer means recession.

We all know that the reason for this is because there is a Democrat in office and the midterms are coming.

CNN’s Kaitlin Collins pushes back on the White House trying to gaslight Americans that what they’re seeing happening isn’t a recession.

Sometimes, the lapdog media just can’t help themselves, however. They just can’t stop the bootlicking and one of the worst offenders is the sorry excuse for political commentary — “The View.”

At least there’s truth in advertising with that trainwreck of a show — there is only one view that is acceptable to those harpies.

The White House is trying to rebrand the recession as a “transition.”

But we all want to know when the “trans-ing” of the economy will be over.

Apparently, just like trans-ing the kids, this “transition” means a lifelong dependence on things that can cause irreparable harm, but will make the manufacturers of those interventions very, very rich. (We see what you’re up to, Al Gore!)

3. Inflation

The White House’s plan to fight inflation is to increase spending… but exesssive spending actually causes inflation.

The White House Press Secretary thinks that opposing even more spending is “false rage.”

Will the increased government spending slow inflation when it hasn’t worked before? Probably not, but the White House insists that it will work because, heck, that’s the name of the bill!

Just like the jackboot thugs in Antifa are really against fascism because that’s their name, right?

Too bad she didn’t use this kind of logic when Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act was smeared as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

4. Illegal Migrants

Red state governors that are fed up with the White House refusing to address Biden’s Broken Border have taken the matter into their own hands. They’ve decided to send migrants to “sanctuary cities” in droves and see how they’re able to handle an influx of people straining local resources.

Interestingly, the cities that shout “refugees are welcome here” are going full NIMBY with the migrants. Odd, that.

Now that they’re getting a little taste of what much smaller border towns have been experiencing, Mayor Eric Adams of New York and Mayor Muriel Bowser of D.C. have been bellyaching that a couple of thou migrants are a real problem to their “sanctuary” cities. (Poor babies!)

Mayor Bowser even requested that the National Guard be deployed to deal with the 4,000 migrants that have arrived since April. The Del Rio sector calls that a Tuesday. (That’s only a slight exaggeration.)

The Republican tactic is working. Good. Just to go on record, my suggestion is to send a few hundred migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and Rehoboth Beach so that the advocates of these open border policies get a direct taste of what it’s like right where they live.

Remember, this is all happening after the Biden Administration had been secretly flying migrants to (largely red and purple) states in the middle of the night and letting the locals deal with the sudden influx.

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre doesn’t see it as bringing the migrants to where we have been told for years that they are welcome — she sees it as a ploy by GOP governors to use migrants as a political tool.

Closing the border seems like a good plan. What’s happening is inhumane. We should do everything that we can to stop the influx of people violating immigration law and paying big bucks to cartels that rape women and girls, abandon small children, and leave people in the desert or the Rio Grande to die.

It’s too bad that Biden promised not to build the big, beautiful wall.

5. Building Trump’s Big, Beautiful Wall

Of course, just like his other campaign promises — like the one about being a moderate — he’s decided that to keep the Hispanic Latinx Taco vote, he has to “repair” the wall that already exists.

Biden’s 2024 slogan could be, “Promises made, promises broken.”

6. Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings

We now know that Joe lied about not talking to Hunter about his sketchy foreign business dealings.

So, can we get a bit of transparency when it comes to this deal in China? Especially since this admin seems to kowtow to China constantly?

7. Biden 2024

To say that Biden is slipping in the polls is an understatement. The guy that received 81 million votes now has a lower than 30% approval rating in less than two years is quite the accomplishment — if absolute failure on every front is an accomplishment.

Even Democrats are saying that Biden shouldn’t run in 2024, but when asked about it, Karine Jean-Pierre had nothing to say.

Can we all just admit that she’s not great at her job?

But this was obvious when she stepped in for Little Red Lying Hood back in late 2021.

This is what happens when you prioritize how many identity boxes someone checks rather than the ability to do the job.

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