Alito Delivers Hilarious Swipe At Woke World Leaders During Religious Liberty Speech In Rome (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 30, 2022

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America isn’t the only place that has taken an interest in Alito’s famous (infamous?) ruling on the Dobbs case. Media activists have tried to make the whole world share their breathless panic.

Not realizing that almost all of America still has more liberal abortion laws than the rest of the world even AFTER the Dobbs decision comes into effect, world leaders came out of the woodwork to denounce the ‘outrageous’ decision delivered by SCOTUS.

The decision was never an ‘attack’ on abortion. The ruling itself was explicitly agnostic over what abortion laws ought to look like from state to state.

No. The ruling only determined WHO it is that the Constitution has legally empowered to set the rules governing the limits of those critical points of contention courts grappled with in both the Roe and the Casey cases. In those competing interests of autonomy of the mother and life of the unborn, who draws the line for where the rights of one

The ruling has been handed down and life is going on. The courts have recessed for summer and Alito has the opportunity to do some extra-curricular activities, like accepting keynote speaking engagements.

The senior writer for courts and the law at left-wing rag ‘Slate’ isn’t letting this go.

In fact, he seems pretty bent out of shape over something Justice Alito said in a speech he gave in Rome recently.

Awww. The poor blue-check guy from Slate should be glad he’s even still got a job. After all, a whole bunch of folks over at Vox just got word they need to clean out their desks.

Is he mad that Justice Alito has the kind of class and wit that can land a dig like that without sounding catty … and that he has the intelligence and education wrap it in legal language to make light of his own words without missing a beat?

If you want to see the full speech in context, we have that for you too.


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