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Biden’s Touted Abortion Defense Example Spotlights His Administration’s Biggest Moral Failure

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Biden eventually got around to having a presser about the Dobbs decision, and besides attacking a co-equal branch, he used the most emotionally incendiary language and examples he could find.

The big one was when he demonstrated his absolute outrage over the circumstances of a 10-year-old girl who had been, so he claimed, a rape victim. He lingered long over this example trying to wring the maximum emotional impact for his side of the issue. Don’t let a crisis go to waste, and all that.

You’ll notice the recurring Democrat trend of using emotions and/or the outlier example to push their policies, rather than laying out defensible general principles. They count on a voter base motived by emotion rather than ideals, and this tactic has served them well in the past.

But this began to fall apart almost immediately. First, questions surfaced about whether this example was actually real. ClashDaily covered that here: POTUS And Regime Media Push Single-Source Story About 10 Yr. Old Crossing State Lines For An Abortion

Law enforcement claimed to have no knowledge of this story — which is weird since a pregnant 10yo would fall under mandatory reporting laws.

Only a few days later, we hear someone is being charged for raping a 10yo, which we can only infer is related to the same story.

It’s been reported that the guy who was arrested was here for 8 years — meaning he arrived in 2015. His arrival didn’t come during the current administration, but arrived when the same people were pushing similar policies… so much so that Trump ran on a ‘build the wall’ message and won.

This is the step in the conversation where most conservatives stop. But this seems a relevant time to go back to what was reported on Mark Levin’s show last weekend when he was discussing the border crisis with one of the few reporters still covering it.

Levin included a clip of Bill Melugin’s appearance on his radio show on Monday.

ML: Let me ask you this Bill Melugin, do we know how many people have died on the border or near the border since Joe Biden has been President, yes or no?

Melugin: We don’t have an exact number, I know that Fox’s Griff Jenkins obtained a number from DHS a few days ago and I believe that number was over 550 — this year. I don’t know what the 2021 numbers were but I believe there have been more than 550 migrant deaths so far in fiscal year 2022. We do know the numbers are essentially the highest they have ever been.

ML: Do we know how many women have been raped?

Melugin: We don’t, but I can tell you a horrific story. Late last year our team and I were in the Rio Grande Valley. We were in La Hoya Texas. We were just patrolling like we normally do and we came across a law enforcement scene.

There were migrants on the ground, police, an abulance, and we got out to shoot some video and border patrol asked us to really stay back. And they seemed more flustered than normal. We realized something was going on. We saw these two little girls on the ground and later found out they were being treated by an EMT.

We later found out they were about five or six years old each and they had just been — both of them — had been raped by a cartel coyote smuggler. It was horrific. [end quote]

Do you know what does NOT happen at legal border crossings? Women and children are not put into the hands of violent criminals to do with them as they wish — including the raping of little girls.

But the Democrats have their political agenda to push and insist on making illegal border crossing as easy as possible… to hell with the secondary consequences it has for all involved.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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