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Parody Skit About FDA Takes Big Government Defenders To Truthtown (VIDEO)

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Questioning authority is such a dangerous thing that even when a child asks the right questions, it sends defenders of corruption running for cover.

There’s a parody video going around, made up to look like a 70s kids show in which the adult tries to explain to the children where medicine comes from, and what role the FDA plays in making that happen.

It seems to be going well enough for her until the kids start asking questions she’s not quite ready for.


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Embedding IG video can be hit-and-miss, and we don’t have another source for it, so if it’s not playing on your device and you aren’t planning on clicking through to the original, here’s a quick summary of what you’ll find if you watch it. We’ll mark it in bold text so it stands apart.

TV host lady (a teacher, maybe?) is explaining to a group of kids in a 70s-style children’s TV show (dressed accordingly) that the puppet ‘Magoo’ isn’t feeling well, and needs medicine. One kid (Jimmy) asks if pills are dangerous. From there, she gets the kids (sitting around her in a circle on the floor) involved in a series of questions that sets up the opportunity to explain where medicine comes from. She outlines 3 steps.

A scientist invents it. It gets tested on a bunch of people. The FDA approves it.

That ‘one kid’ (there’s one in every crowd) asks the questions he isn’t supposed to ask. Why doesn’t the FDA do the testing, and what happens if the scientist lies for money, or if the scientist gives some of that money as a bribe to the FDA? It then goes on to a darkly funny conversation between the children about addiction before abrupty cutting off to a test pattern.

Funny how kids keep being the ones whose simple questions can expose the ignorance or corruption of adults in stories like this one or — more famously — The Emporer’s New Clothes?

Since Hans Christian Anderson wrote the latter almost 200 years ago, you might almost think that adults agreeing to a communal lie is a recurring feature of human experience.

But how can we question authorities? Anyone who doesn’t Believe The Science must be thrown into the Outer Darkness where there is weeping, and gnashing of teeth — not to mention lousy internet connections!

But the more we see about how science is being handled, and how much money is at stake, the point raised by that little boy’s question looks more and more plausible.

Just last week, we’ve been told that everything our scientific betters thought they knew about the physiological cause of depression — the ‘settled science’ if you will — has been totally disproven. DEPRESSION STUDY: Reports On Chemical Imbalance Theory Throws HUGE Curveball To Standard Practice

But surely that was a one-off example, right?

Not so fast.

The U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into Cassava Sciences Inc (SAVA.O) involving whether the biotech company manipulated research results for its experimental Alzheimer’s drug, two people familiar with the inquiry said.
The Justice Department personnel conducting the investigation into Austin, Texas-based Cassava specialize in examining whether companies or individuals have misled or defrauded investors, government agencies or consumers, according to the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The sources did not provide details of the focus of the probe and whether the department was looking into any specific individuals.
…The company already was facing scrutiny from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and investors after two physicians from outside Cassava last year made allegations of data manipulation and misrepresentation involving research underpinning the company’s Alzheimer’s drug, called simufilam.
…Cassava, a small company with about two dozen employees, in a statement last year called the allegations of data manipulation and misrepresentation “false and misleading.”

What kind of data manipulation and misrepresentation is alleged, exactly? The kind that produces falsified test results into our understanding the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

The authors “appeared to have composed figures by piecing together parts of photos from different experiments,” Elisabeth Bik, a molecular biologist and well-known forensic image consultant, told the publication. “The obtained experimental results might not have been the desired results, and that data might have been changed to … better fit a hypothesis.”
The report noted that the implication of the suspected fraudulent work means that hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) might have been wasted, and that the entire scientific field could have been searching in the wrong direction for the last 16 years for a cure for Alzheimer’s since thousands of studies were based on the study in question.

By implication, sending the entire branch of Alzheimer’s study and treatment down a false path could have cost more than the many millions in research dollars, but also the innumerable lives of anyone their delays in the REAL study of cause and treatment will have forever cheated.

A recent Just the News story has taken the implications of the question the kid in that skit asked further still.

The newly revealed scope of collaboration between the feds and Big Tech in stamping out purported COVID-19 misinformation and promoting government narratives has opened a new chapter in constitutional challenges to state-influenced censorship by private actors.
On Wednesday night, America First Legal (AFL) published the first 286-page batch of emails among CDC, Google, Twitter and Meta staffers, some of whom were former Hill and White House aides. The production was compelled through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, and typical of government document dumps, it’s not text-searchable.
The emails show intimate cooperation was well underway by the time the White House a year ago acknowledged the effort, which included thinly veiled threats for not more aggressively removing content.

The wisdom in what they tried to censor ‘for our own good’ isn’t exactly holding up under scrutiny, either.

Some of the specific content the feds wanted removed, and narratives they sought to promote, have subsequently become subjects of debate among mainstream scientists, including vaccine side effects on menstruation and fertility, optimal time between mRNA doses, and the effectiveness of masks against viral transmission.JustTheNews

Other countries like Japan and Germany have now been releasing information about The Jab pointing to a much higher risk profile than anything the American public was ever officially told to expect. Take that together with FOIA evidence of Government/Big Tech collusion to silence as ‘misinformation’ anything that questioned the official narratives being pushed forward and it makes one wonder … just how big a role have the influences of political power and financial gain played in corrupting the reliability of our once-trusted sciences?

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