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This Week In Blackface Trudeau’s Tyrannical Dystopian Hell-Hole…

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once said that he admires China’s “basic dictatorship” and it’s pretty clear that he’d LOVE to implement one in Canada.

Canada’s Woketopia is often a foreshadowing of what might come to the United States.

As a warning, here’s a roundup of the latest news from Canuckistan.

1. The Persecution of Freedom Convoy’s Tamara Lich Continues Apace

Tamara Lich was arrested back in February for her role in organizing the trucker protest that sat in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa for three weeks.

One of her ridiculous bail conditions forbade Lich from having contact with a long list of fellow convoy organizers without lawyers present.

She was re-arrested in June and her bail was revoked because she attended a banquet to receive a freedom award where another protest organizer was in attendance.

In her recent hearing, the 49-year-old Metis grandmother was in leg shackles.

One of Trudeau’s paid footsoldiers in Canada’s Corrupt Legacy Media was out there shoving around some of Lich’s supporters.

That guy is a piece of work.

Speaking of the Freedom Convoy…

2. Cops in Ottawa Are Still Awful

This cop stopped a truck for having flags on it, one of which was in support of veteran James Topps who walked across the country protesting vaccine mandates.

The Ottawa Police Services officer is unapologetic and basically tells the driver that the harassment will continue until compliance improves.

3. COVIDictators Make Vacation Hell For Kids That Survived Terror Attacks

The ‘Rona still looms large in Canada, which you’d know if you’ve made a trip to the Great White North recently.

The federal government won’t eliminate the “random” testing of travelers upon arrival in place, but in true Canadian fashion, it has become complicated and difficult.

The “random” testing used to be done at the airports, but that became cumbersome and caused long lines, so they got rid of that. Now, travelers are sent an email and have until midnight the next day to produce a negative test or are forced into quarantine for 14 days or face hefty fines. And, of course, only certain labs can conduct the tests and they don’t take appointments. Basically, your entire next day after travel is consumed with getting a negative COVID test even though you submitted a negative COVID test prior to arrival in Canada.

The airport testing requirement by the Trudeau Liberals somehow “randomly” selected nearly half of a group of Israeli kids who were coming to Canada for a camp for victims of terror.

What are the odds?

The entire group missed out on visiting Niagara Falls and Canada’s Wonderland (an amusement park near Toronto) that was prepaid. Instead, organizers spent the day driving around to the homes where the kids were billeted, filling out paperwork, and getting them tested for COVID.

When you live in a bureaucratic dystopia like Canada, the fun never ends!

4. ArriveCAN’T — The App That Won’t Stop Giving

The much-loathed government-mandated ArriveCAN app is still required despite calls from the tourism industry and pleas from mayors of cross-border towns for it to be scrapped.

This article is actually from last week, but it came to my attention a few days ago.

American members of a golf club on an island in the St. Lawrence (between Canada and the U.S.) are being forced to quarantine for 14 days, and they’re wondering if maintaining their membership is worth the hassle.

5. Eat With Your Hands, You Animal!

Our Hans Gruber twin, a former Eco-terrorist that now serves as the Minister for Climate Change, has announced that new rules will make take-out much less pleasant. The Canadian government ditched the plastic straws, and now they’re ditching all single-use cutlery, stir sticks, and even some food containers.

Minister Guilbault said that food trucks should allow people to bring their own containers because that’s not an asinine suggestion at all and everyone is walking around with clean, empty containers in case they get a hankering for that quintessentially Canadian delicacy — a fry truck poutine.

But don’t worry, those businesses will be shut down soon anyway with rising costs and ever-increasing amounts of red tape. Oh, and the lack of food…

6. WEF Puppet Trudeau Targets Farmers

COVID isn’t the only problem in Canada, they’re working on starving people, too.

Back in 2015 before he became Prime Minister, Trudeau did say that he admired China’s “basic dictatorship” and now he’s going full-on Chairman Mao by regulating food production. What could possibly go wrong?

Inspired by the awful decision to reduce emissions from fertilizer in the Netherlands that has sparked some massive protests by farmers, Trudeau’s government is going down the same path.

Let’s see how that works out for them.

Perhaps this is why they want to keep Tamara Lich and the other Freedom Convoy organizers in jail.

The good news(?) is that just last month, the world’s largest cricket farm opened in Southern Ontario that could provide a cheap source of protein for humans and their pets.

Mother Gaia needs saving and if that means that you have to eat bugs, so be it. To the Gaia worshippers, people are the vermin killing the planet.

But don’t complain about the government trying to slow down actual food production at a time of global food shortages and the effects of the pandemic lockdowns on supply chains were already going to cause mass starvation.

If you do that, the government might have to silence you.

This brings us to…

7. Trudeau’s ‘Silence, Rube!’ Censorship Bill

The Trudeau government is pushing very hard for the “Online Streaming Act” (Bill C-11) to become law. What that would mean is that user-generated videos or podcasts — pretty much anything involving sound or video — would be subject to regulation just like television and radio by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) an allegedly “arm’s-length from the government” regulatory agency that is also publicly funded.

Bill C-11 is going to have a significant effect on online political speech in Canada.

8. ‘Science’ Means Not Asking Questions

Doctors are still being punished for going against the COVID consensus.

Maybe that guy should be grateful that he’s still alive.

Doctors have been facing a problem with that in Ontario lately…

9. Sudden MD Death Syndrome

For some reason, young, healthy doctors in Toronto are dropping like flies and it’s not due to the virus…

But don’t ask questions about connections to a new medical intervention that was introduced and then mandated in just the past year or so that could be contributing to young, healthy people suddenly dropping dead.

As the employers have said, they don’t know the cause of death in every case, but they do know that it isn’t because of the vaccine and the recent booster campaign.

10. Your Coffee Shop Isn’t Tracking You Anymore

Also with regard to the internet and control, there’s a proposed settlement agreement in a class action lawsuit against Canada’s most famous coffee and donut chain after a reporter revealed that the Tim Hortons app had tracked his location over 2,700 times in less than five months. An investigation was launched by privacy commissioners and it was discovered that the app was using geolocation to track customers and record their location without their knowledge even when the app wasn’t open on their phones.

The settlement will give users a free beverage and donut in exchange for illegally collecting location data on users without their knowledge or consent and selling it to third parties.

Seems like a bad deal. Their coffee isn’t that great.

11. Pandering Pontiff

The Pope came to tour Canada and apologize for missionaries spreading the gospel to Indigenous groups and educating children.

This was all based on exactly zero actual graves found last year.

An investigative documentary on the Canadian Mass Grave Hoax is here:

12. Journo Privilege

While the Pope was touring the country for his apology tour, paid propagandists for the Trudeau regime journalists were able to bypass the mask mandate on flights as they shook hands with the Pontiff.

We all know that masks don’t work, but it is really insulting when the hoi polloi is expected to obey the rules and the elites are exempt.

13. Unmasking the Mask Theatre

Like many other politicians, public health agencies, and “medical experts” the federal government of Canada insists that masks work to slow the spread of the ‘Rona.

But apparently, Trudeau’s Minister of Health sent masks made in China that were labeled “not for medical use” in simplified Chinese all over Canada — after slapping on a label “confirming quality”, of course.

The new slogan of the Trudeau regime could be: ‘The CCP Admires Our Basic Dictatorship’.

Weak leaders make life hell for the average citizen as you’re being reminded of now with Biden.

Trust me, Canadians feel your pain. We’ve been suffering under a mediocre, virtue signaling, complete idiot of a leader for a lot longer than you have.

Well, that’s enough Canadian news. Pardon me while I try to find a way out of this place…

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