EPIC: New Film For Righteously Rowdy Who Still Believe Christ, Not Caesar, Is Head Of The Church (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 29, 2022

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Has it been two years already since the government decided your day-to-day life and constitutional rights could come to a halt because a bad case of the sniffles was going around?

Battle lines were drawn over who has the final word over the lives of citizens in America and elsewhere. Most took the easy path of compliance, convinced that doing so served the greater good and saved lives.

Most obeyed the various government restrictions on religious gatherings for worship while holding to assurances that this would all be over soon and we could all just go back to our lives.

Others, many of their stories have been featured here on ClashDaily, told the government they could pound sand. In the event of any contradiction between the dictates of some government official and the Holy Writ, there was no contest.

Churches faced fines. They gathered anyway.

The government tried to crush their will. They fought back.

It took time, but they eventually won, and those wins helped breathe life and courage back into other churches to follow their example.

One of the churches leading the charge in that battle was Grace Community Church, in California, pastored by John MacArthur. They drew their line in the sand with a public statement on July 23, 2020. They fought Gavin Newsom in court — and won.

Two years on, they have a new announcement, one we think our righteously rowdy readers will appreciate. The message of that announcement lines up very well with our own Doug Giles’s book, Your Fear Is Full Of Crap.

Before we get to the announcement, we need to show you this trailer with an amazing mic drop moment that perfectly captures the righteous and rowdy vibe of anyone who agrees not just with MacArther and the Founding Fathers, but with believers and saints all the way back to the Apostles who each said, in their own words, they would serve no king but Jesus.

You’ll recognize that moment when it shows up. And if you’re anything like this writer, you will have an immediate urge to cheer with a fist-pump when it comes.

Now we come to the announcement, and it’s one that some of our readers might even find interesting enough to throw some of their time, talent, or treasure toward in helping this project gain momentum.

This past Saturday, July 23, marks two years since we issued our statement regarding our church’s decision to gather for corporate worship against the COVID-19 health mandates. We are grateful for your support, both in signing the statement and in praying for God’s protection as He continues to build His church. In God’s sovereignty, on August 31, 2021, we won our lawsuit against the county and state governments, which in turn set the precedent for other churches to open without restriction. In light of this monumental victory, we have been working on a documentary celebrating God’s faithfulness to our church over the past few years.

The Essential Church is an upcoming feature-length documentary that traces the history of governmental assaults on the church, both ancient and modern. As we face this opposition today, this film will strengthen and encourage us to stand courageously as the body of Christ. Please spread the word about this upcoming documentary and consider partnering with us. Christ, not Caesar, is the head of the church and He will be victorious.

If you’d like to give toward this important documentary project, please use the following form. Any funds donated above what is needed for The Essential Church will be used to continue to provide all Grace Productions content for free through the Grace Media streaming app, as well as to develop new content and resources to support and strengthen local churches.

[Editor’s note: the ‘following form’ mentioned can be found on the ministry website which can be reached via the ‘partnering with us’ link, above.]