Biden Quietly Closing Key Gaps In Trump’s Wall In Response To Pleas From Vulnerable Dems

Written by Wes Walker on July 29, 2022

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After denouncing it as ‘racist’ and spending millions in efforts to block it, there has been a change of heart on building Trump’s big beautiful wall. Well, PART of it anyway.

There are no signs that Biden, Chuck, or Nancy have any interest in closing the wall in ‘lost causes’ like bright-red Texas. But Arizona is another matter.

They have seats they could lose there, and they’re getting pressure from their own team to DO something.

Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) announced Thursday that the Department of Homeland Security had agreed to fill in a gap that was left between Trump-era border wall projects in response to his pressuring the White House to secure a vulnerable spot in Yuma, known as the Morelos Dam.
“For too long, the Morelos Dam area has been an operational challenge for Border Patrol agents to properly secure the border and keep our communities safe,” Kelly said in a statement. “I’m glad that the Department of Homeland Security has listened to Arizona and is going to close these gaps. This is a step forward and I’ll keep working to ensure that Arizona has the tools needed for a secure and orderly process at the border including fencing and barriers where they make sense.”
The move is significant for Kelly, a first-term senator who faces a contentious reelection bid this November. He touted the win as having followed through on an immigration promise to his constituents.

Oh, look. Suddenly building that very same wall they opposed and blocked on Biden’s very first day in office isn’t ‘racist’ anymore. Gee, what do you suppose has changed since then?

For context, the 350 miles of Arizona border wall that was funded during the Trump administration but never finished, including numerous gaps along existing portions of the wall, has created a logistical nightmare for enforcement. In 2019, there might have been 1000 people a month coming across the border into Arizona, but now there are twenty or thirty times as many.

Democrat defections in neighboring Texas and high-profile declarations of ‘Invasion’ are not helping the left’s messaging any.

Two life-long Democrats are now running for judicial reelection as Republicans in Texas border communities. Both women say they are fighting against the Biden administration’s open border policies that they argue are wreaking havoc in their small communities.
The single reason they switched parties, they say, is because the Biden administration’s policies led to more than 2 million people coming through the southern border from over 150 countries. The costs of crime stemming from an open border – increased trafficking and smuggling of people, weapons and guns – to their communities has prompted them to say, “enough is enough” and do something about it.
Both judges were among the first to declare an invasion on July 5, citing an imminent threat to the lives of their residents.
First elected as a Democrat, Terrell County Judge Dale Carruthers is now running for reelection as a Republican.
On Tuesday, at a campaign event in Fort Stockton, Texas, she said, “I come from a Hispanic heritage, which was prominently Democrat. The chaos at the border and everything that’s been going on makes me realize that I needed to switch parties.
“I am very happy to be a Republican and to represent this great state of Texas as a judge.”

The article goes on to describe Judge Cinderela Guevara with a very similar story.

The sad truth of the situation is that Democrats aren’t closing the gaps in the wall because they believe doing so is what is in the best interests of the welfare and security of American citizens.

They are doing so because the Biden/Pelosi/Schumer open-border agenda that they believe is critical to ongoing political power for Dems (see leaked 2018 memo from Dem operative Palmieri) has been getting serious blowback from We The People.

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