Here’s Gascon’s Latest Insult To Victims Of Crime

Written by Wes Walker on July 15, 2022

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What did San Fransisco THINK would happen when you install the radical son of Weather Underground domestic terrorists to be your district attorney?

Even San Francisco has a breaking point, and their DA Gascon has brought them to it. His many deliberate failures to uphold the law and treat threats to domestic peace seriously have made San Fran all but unliveable.

The recall process has been initiated and is winding its way through the system…

On Thursday, the Recall Gascon team delivered 715,833 signatures of Angelenos to the Los Angeles County registrar-recorder, far exceeding the 566,000 signatures needed to put Gascon on the ballot this fall for a recall election. — WashingtonExaminer

But that isn’t stopping Gascon from using his position of power to throw sand in the gears of the same government machinery that his terrorist parents tried to take down with explosives.

He has refused to take his job as prosecutor seriously, announcing his plan to refuse the enforcement of many crimes that he doesn’t happen to think are important. In a system like ours, that’s the legislator’s job, not the prosecutor’s. But billionaire backers of his ideology really don’t care about such tifling issues as ‘our governmental system’ or ‘checks and balances’. They have an agenda and they intend to ram it down our throats.

Gascon’s latest insult to the innocent civilians he was hired to protect was a particularly cruel twist of the knife:

The District Attorney’s Office will be shuttering almost all services to crime victims regarding the parole of convicted killers and other criminals. Embattled District Attorney George Gascon announced that he is closing the “Lifer Unit,” staffed by three prosecutors who manage a calendar of upcoming parole hearings. The unit works with victims and attends hearings to help keep the baddest of LA’s bad behind bars.
Under the prior administration, attorneys attended hearings to represent victims and their families. That was stopped last year, and now, the remaining prosecutors will no longer notify victims of upcoming dates.
“I wonder if Gascon will find any more ways to not do his job or his duty as a prosecutor,” said Steve Cooley, one of Gascon’s predecessors. “Whenever I think it’s as bad as it gets, he finds new ways to victimize the community and people he is supposed to protect.”

He claimed that he was doing victims a favor by not ‘triggering’ them by reminding them about the crime they had suffered through. Victims don’t agree.

However, victims have said otherwise, including one mother who was forced to attend the parole hearing for the killer of her murdered son last year without the support of a prosecutor. Jessica Corde viewed his murder file for the first time, looking at photos of Marquis LeBlanc’s mangled body after he had been beaten and thrown over a cliff.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has attempted to close the gap between killers and traumatized family members by attending hearings in lieu of prosecutors. They say it’s a disadvantage because they cannot argue legal issues, but it’s still a way to support victims.
“Not notifying next of kin or victims because it would trigger them is the dumbest thing I ever heard,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva told the Washington Examiner. “I think triggering would mean encountering your loved ones’ killer on the street thinking they were in jail forever.”
A 2008 California constitutional amendment states that prosecutors shall assist and represent victims at parole hearings, which has been a very solid and effective policy in Los Angeles since the early 1970s, Cooley said.
— —WashingtonExaminer

Disbanding them despite a Constitutional amendment instructing him to do this?

And this rogue actor is charged with enforcing the law?

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