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HERO STUFF: Police Bodycam Shows Pizza Delivery Guy Rescuing 6 Yr Old From Burning House (VIDEO)

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After rescuing 4 children in the burning home, this hero went back in to rescue the fifth child who was still inside,  jumping out of a second-story window to rescue her.

Nicholas Bostic is being hailed as a hero in his hometown of Lafayette, Indiana, and all over the internet for his heroic actions.

Nicholas Bostic, a 25-year-old pizza delivery driver from Lafayette, suffered severe smoke inhalation and a cut on his arm after jumping out the second-story window of the burning house with a 6-year-old during Monday’s rescue, according to a release from LPD. The child was “miraculously mostly uninjured.”

He recounted to authorities running into the house through the backdoor after driving by and noticing the flames at around midnight. His yells woke the four children, ages 1 to 18, sleeping upstairs, before he helped them outside.
Source: People Magazine

The Washington Post reports that on July 10, Bostic was on his way to get gas around midnight when he saw that a house was on fire. He slammed the brakes, turned his car around, and pulled into the driveway. While the flames were engulfing the 2-store home, he realized that he had left his cellphone at home and he couldn’t call 911.

Bostic tried to flag down another driver, but that person didn’t stop, so he decided to check and make sure that people were not trapped in the home.

He found the back door unlocked and yelled inside, “Anybody here? Get out! Get out! Fire!”

He didn’t hear a response, and he was about to leave, he said. Then he saw a teenager at the top of the stairs with some younger kids.

Seionna Barrett, 18, was babysitting her three siblings and her sister’s friend while their parents were out on a date night playing darts. Seionna had smelled smoke and was frantically trying to wake up everyone to get them out of the house when Bostic busted through the back door.

Bostic said he hustled everyone outside — then Seionna told him the baby was missing. Bostic would soon learn she was referring to 6-year-old Kaylani, nicknamed “Baby K,” who was still in the burning house.

“I ran inside and looked under beds and closets, but I couldn’t find her,” he said. “But when I got to the stairs that led downstairs, I heard some faint crying.”

The staircase was full of smoke, and the heat seemed unbearable, he said, adding that he hesitated for a moment before plunging down the stairs.

“I thought, ‘I don’t want to die here,’ ” he said.

But he held his breathand followed the crying in the darkness until he reached Kaylani and quickly scooped her up.

“I rolled her up in my arm like a football, then felt my way back up the stairs,” Bostic said. “It was extremely hot and smoky, and it was painful to breathe. The only light I could see was coming from the rooms upstairs. So I headed up there.”

He broke open a window with his right fist, tightly wrapped the girl around his left side and leaped two stories to the ground, landing on his right side, sparing the girl from the force of his fall, he said.
Source: Washinton Post

Bodycam footage from a responding officer shows the moment that Bostic ran around the house with the 6-year-old girl in his arms.

Residents of Lafayette are rallying behind the Barrett family with several fundraisers to get them back on their feet — a bowling tournament, a band festival, and a silent auction have all been organized. A GoFundMe campaign has raised over $10,000 for the family.

A crowdfunding campaign for Bostic raised over $477,000 at the time of writing. A separate fundraiser on Facebook to pay for his hospital stay has raised over $50,000.

On July 17, [Bostic] met the family formally for the first time after David Barrett invited him to attend church services with them, Bostic said.

“It was a nervous moment and also tear-jerking,” Bostic said. “I was just trying to do what was right that night, and to know they’re all okay, I just wanted to cry.”

David Barrett said he feels the same way.

“Nick is far more than a friend to us,” he said. “He’s now officially a part of our family.”
Source: Washington Post

Here is Nick Bostic and his girlfriend along with the kids that he rescued.

Nick Bostic with the children he saved, one week after the fire. From back left is Bostic’s girlfriend, Kara Lewis, Shaylee Barrett, Livian Knifley, David Barrett, Kaleia Barrett, and Seionna and Kaylani Barrett.

This is the kind of story that will restore your hope in humanity.

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