HERO STUFF: Updated Timeline Tells Us ‘Good Samaritan’ Gun Owner Was More Amazing Than We Thought

Written by Wes Walker on July 20, 2022

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Elisjsha Dicken has been praised for his role in stopping a murderous rampage before it could hit full stride. But until now, we didn’t even know the half of it.

ClashDaily has already covered the story of how a murderous rampage in an Indiana mall was stopped by a civilian with a gun. HERO STUFF: Armed Citizen Stops Killing Spree Cold

But at the time that story went live, we didn’t even know the more amazing parts of that story yet.

Here are some of the ‘mundane’ facts of the case, if such a term can be used to describe any aspect of a story like this one.

Police said the 22-year-old Dicken, of Seymour, Indiana, was near the cookie counter, close to the main walkways of the mall. A witness said after the shooting, he moved closer to the downed shooter.
“There was a guy with his pistol held on the bathroom, and I believe that guy to have possibly been the guy, to have shot the shooter,” said Mike Wright, a witness to the shooter.
…Attorney General Todd Rokita also issued a statement, praising the man’s actions.
“The bravery of the armed individual who took action to stop the shooter undoubtedly saved lives, and for that I and many others are grateful,” Rokita said via Twitter.
Indiana lawmakers said they were grateful for his actions. In a statement, Sen. Mike Braun said he was grateful for the man.
“Praying for families of those killed in a senseless act of violence in Greenwood tonight, and grateful for the brave armed citizen who took action to stop the perpetrator and prevent further tragic loss of life,” Braun said via Twitter

Ok, so that’s the basic gist of what went down.

When contrasted against what went so terribly wrong in Uvalde, what really stands out is the timeline.

In the original police report of how long the events took, we were told that this was over 2 minutes. That was incorrect.

The hero of the Indiana mall shooting returned fire and fatally struck gunman Jonathan Sapirman just 15 seconds after the carnage began — not 2 minutes, it was revealed on Tuesday.
Armed bystander Elisjsha Dicken potentially saved countless lives when he opened fire on Sapirman in the Greenwood Park Mall just moments after the gunman stepped out of a bathroom, police clarified in a statement.
…“This error was simply a result of misreading notes during the [press] conference,” Ison said Tuesday. “I feel the need to correct this immediately.”
…Police said Monday that Dicken fired at Sapirman from a distance, firing 10 rounds from a handgun after Sapirman emerged from a restroom with a rifle and opened fire on people at a nearby food court.
The gunman attempted to retreat into the bathroom to take cover, but was struck by Dicken’s bullets and fell to the floor.

Mr. Dicken has no military or law enforcement training, but he reacted with all the professionalism you could have expected of him if he had the full benefits of such training.

He had situational awareness. (Saw and recognized the threat before he became a casuality.)
Leadership. (He directed others to safety away from the gunman)
Action. (He understood what needed to be done and acted onthe assumption that he was the only one with the tools, training, and will to do what needed doing.)
Competency. (The gun won’t do you much good if you don’t know how to use it well. He obviously put in his time at the range, landing 8 out of 10 rounds on the threat, ‘from a distance’.)

There’s one more important failure point in the killer’s plan. A change in law was passed in May of this year that his violent plan obviously hadn’t accounted for. As it happens, it made all the difference.

If you’re an Indiana resident, the process of buying a gun just got a lot easier.
And if you’re wondering what that means for your right to bear arms, we’ve got all the details for you.
House Bill 1296, also known as the “constitutional carry” law, went into effect on July 1, 2022 and essentially removes most of the qualifications previously needed to carry a handgun in public.
The Indiana General Assembly has spoken and they’ve made it clear that they value your right to bear arms.

Had this change in law gone into effect only a month later, the bodycount would have been a lot higher, and our hero might well have been among the victims. Because honest gun owners obey the law, and murderous scumbags do not.

Fortunately for those present, the carnage was contained because the Second Amendment worked as intended.

Fifteen seconds doesn’t even give you long enough to dial 911, let alone have help arrive. And even that 15 second window was enough for the scumbag to murder 3 and wound 2 others.

When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Fortunately for everyone in that food court, waiting for police to save them was not their only hope.

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