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YIKES: Dana Carvey’s ROAST Proves It’s Now Open Season On Lame Duck Biden (VIDEO)

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When he took office, comics were lamenting that Joe Biden was so awesome it was impossible to mock him. Oh what a difference a year makes.

Now that popular support for Joe Biden has dropped down to somewhere around root canals and cholera, Democrats have figured out there is no saving his legacy or reputation. The best they can hope for is putting daylight between his failures and party policy.

That means he is no longer protected from public ridicule.

That happened just in time for Dana Carvey to step in as a guest host for Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

Here’s the whole monologue…

And here it is cued to the part where he does the mock 2024 debate between Trump and Biden…

Much of America hasn’t watched Kimmel’s show since he decided to trade in any semblance of his comedy gig for being was the teary-eyed woke pope reading literal Democrat talking points in his monologues. It was refreshing to see someone who knows how to tell a joke take the stage, even if a good chunk of his content did happen to consist of low-effort swipes at the 45th President.

Dana Carvey is a lib whose niche specialty has been (since the time of George H.W. Bush) impersonating the president. Swipes at Trump are pretty much expected. What was NOT expected was the unrepentant mockery of Joe Biden’s stupidity, with a Joe Biden soiling his pants joke thrown in for good measure.

Such a savage monologue mocking a sitting Democrat president as someone who poops in his pants would have never gone to air just a year ago. Then again, a year ago, Biden’s popularity wasn’t breaking records for being underwater, either.

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