TECH TYRANY STUDY: Massive ONGOING ‘Secondhand Censorship’ Impact On Conservative Content

Written by Wes Walker on July 23, 2022

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Facebook’s old slogan was move fast and break things. Google’s was Don’t Be Evil. More recently, all the big players in Silicon Valley have shifted to more of a ‘shut up and agree with us’ model.

At no time in our history have private companies had greater power to censor private political speech in what has become the functional public square than they do today.

Worse still, at no time in our history have those same private companies been more closely aligned and integrated with a political party displaying an unblushing desire to silence political dissent and label it ‘disinformation’ — only to see that same suppressed ‘disinformation’ vindicated again and again and again.

The ‘First Amendment’ freedoms enjoyed by private companies only apply when they are NOT using those freedoms in a way that permits the government ruling class from bypassing Constitutional free speech provisions designed to protect private citizens.

Keep all this in mind as look at a study on a phenomenon that has been dubbed ‘secondhand censorship’.

What is Secondhand Censorship

We normally think about injured parties in censorship as being the silenced speaker. That may be the obvious injured party, but it is not the only one. The other half of the equation comes from interested parties who have been denied access to information they would have considered valuable.

The Hunter Laptop is Russian Disinformation narrative is a simple example. One of the country’s largest and most historic news sources was prevented from sharing stories about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop (even by way of private messages!) days before the election. We all know the contents were authentic, and the implications of not just the tawdry bits with drugs and hookers (a looming blackmail risk to be sure) but more importantly their foreign business involvement were horrific.

A battleground state poll after the 2020 election asked whether people who had voted Democrat knew about a handful of stories damaging to Biden (including Hunter’s Laptop and Tara Reid) or stories celebrating Trump’s accomplishments (including the Abraham Accords among others).

Two important facts came to light in that poll. First, that Democrat voters had no awareness of these stories that hurt Democrats or helped Republicans. Second, in each of the battleground states that the 2020, Biden-voter access to that information would have changed enough voters minds that the election result would have gone the other way.

Is it any wonder that a Democrat research psychologist, Dr. Robert Epstein, was sounding this alarm back in 2019: TECH TYRANNY: Dr. Epstein Claims Google Shifted A MINIMUM Of 800,000 Votes To Dems In 2018 (VIDEO)

How widespread is this secondhand censorship problem?

The Media Research Center has been tracking this, and the compounding effect of the impact is enormous.

Even with a fairly limited and conservative data set of confirmed instances of censorship, they have projected some absolutely staggering numbers. (emphasis in original)

The Media Research Center’s has identified and verified over 4,000 individual examples of censorship. For purposes of this study, we looked at only the first quarter of 2022 wherein 172 cases were identified. An analysis of the audiences of those individuals/organizations alone found that in that three-month period, there were no less than 144,301,713 times information was withheld from the American people. — CensorTrack

How did they arrive at those numbers?

The MRC looked at seven platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Spotify – to calculate secondhand censorship’s impact.
MRC measured the effects of secondhand censorship by adding the number of followers each account had at the time of each censorship case recorded during the quarter. Complete data can be found here. — CensorTrack

After going into some detail as to why their projected numbers should be seen as a massive UNDERcount of the total suppression, they extrapolate what they can from the numbers they are able to track. Here is an example of them showing their work.

You will notice that there is a sitting SENATOR on this list.

That was the news. What are the implications?

We can look for answers to that quesiton among stories ClashDaily has covered in the past.

Gee, could any of THESE stories from our archives shine any light on that censorship?

MOVE FAST AND BREAK THINGS: Are We Seeing Big Tech’s Dangerous Takeover Of US Government?

GUESS WHO? Three Corps Outspend ALL Other Industries In Lobbying Dollars… Including Defense Tech

That and Psaki’s offhanded remark that social media companies were helping them flag disinformation go a long way to explaining what’s really going on here.

Is this what past and present managment leaders of the tech giants meant when they liked the idea of a civil war that would force blue-state policies down the throats of red states whether they wanted it or not?

From 2018: Leftists Want A ‘New Civil War’ – This Post Is Disturbing

Related, from May 31 of 2020: CIVIL WAR: Remember, THIS Is What Silicon Valley And Some Key Bernie Bros WANTED

They weren’t necessarily talking about a civil war on any traditional battlefield. This was being waged in the control of information.

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