The Cynical Lie At The Heart Of Pelosi’s So-Called Contraception Bill … Don’t Fall For It

Written by Wes Walker on July 25, 2022

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If Democrats are afraid that contraception might somehow be ‘in danger’, what did the Obama/Biden administration bring those Nuns to the Supreme Court over?

Those nuns were fighting for the right to be exempt from providing a medical service that was LITERALLY ‘against their religion’ … remember that?

Contraception is already covered and accessable.

Can we agree that whatever the Democrats’ agenda in this bill is, that it is about something OTHER than contraception?

With Dem popularity hovering somewhere around that of gingivitis, they are getting desperate. And what do Democrats do whenever they are desperate? You probably already know this, because they do the same damn thing Every … Single … Time.

Whenever they don’t have something positive to point to in what they are offering — which happens a lot — they always go back to plan b. What is plan b? Simple. Plan b consists of one thing: making the other guys look so scary that voting Democrat seems tolerable again.

Democrats have been rattled by the Dobbs decision. They are panicking and looking for any smear they can find that will stick. Better still, any wedge issue that will make them look like a bunch of backward-looking and divided chumps.

If Republicans were smart enough to see a trap when it’s set for them, they wouldn’t take the bait. But when have they ever been smart enough to NOT fall into a Democrat trap?

Democrats are trying to change the subject by putting Republicans on the defensive, in claiming they oppose birth control.

Not a single Republican has even breathed a hint of a suggestion that they want to oppose birth control. But that isn’t the point. This is a branding argument, just like the Democrats’ explicitly unconstitutional attempts to federalize the vote were dressed up as defending democracy, Pelosi’s latest bill ‘Right To Contraception Act’ is a Trojan horse with an innocuous-sounding name concealing a hard-left agenda.

That’s their short-term advantage of having no principles other than thirst for power… they play to win and they play for keeps. Over the long term these tactics will catch up with them, but it’s a great way to put the other team on the defensive so that the public forgets about all the things they hate about you.

Let’s recap some facts about the Dobbs ruling that Pelosi won’t tell you.

Of the 6 justices who supported the Dobbs ruling, one did not want to strike down Roe at all. That leaves 5 conservative justices whose decision the left take issue with. Of those five, four explicitly stated in no uncertain terms that this ruling and decision does not bleed out into other historical decisions about privacy, marriage, contraception, etcetera. The only justice who said anything remotely close to the sorts of things the Democrats allege would be Justice Thomas.

What did Justice Thomas really mean? As an originalist, he pointed to some of the decisions that based their justification in convoluted explanations of Constitutional law (think: emanations and penumbras) that have no direct connection to the rulings they claim to support.

Just like what they did with the Dobbs decision, Thomas did not appeal for any particular policy — that’s a job for legislators — nor did he rule out the possibility that a sound defense of those rulings could be drawn out of some other part of the Constitution.

What is Pelosi REALLY Doing? The Washington Examiner summarizes the problem this way:

Democrats’ recently introduced Right to Contraception Act reaches far beyond contraception, guaranteeing funding for Planned Parenthood while overriding Religious Freedom Restoration Act conscience protections.
The bill forces healthcare providers to offer contraceptives regardless of their personal convictions, arguing that laws in 12 states allowing providers to refuse services based on conscience “impede patients from obtaining their preferred method.”
It also singles out Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas for banning Planned Parenthood from their Medicaid programs. Under the act, any state or federal law that “impedes access to contraceptives, contraception, or contraception-related information” — including by placing limitations on “facilities” where these services are offered — will be prohibited, opening the floodgates for taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood.
…“As for contraception by itself, pro-life Republicans in the House say they are fine with federal funding of it — so long as it is not used to subsidize abortion clinics and abortion doctors — and many Republicans even want to make it available over the counter,” McCormack writes.
But admitting as much would put an end to Democrats’ narrative that Republicans want to strip away rights. If Democrats wanted to propose a bill protecting contraception, they could do so with Republican support. As it stands, the Right to Contraception Act functions only to ensure funding for Planned Parenthood, eliminate conscious protections, and characterize Republicans who reject it on those grounds as opposing established rights.

Planned Parenthood has consistently been an enormous donor for Democrat causes. It’s not surprising that Democrats would be looking at every possible trick to keep that money flowing.

These are the same Democrats that are offended by Crisis Pregnancy Centers that actually offer health care, education, and supplies to expectant mothers. Liz Warren has even gone so far as to state her intention to shut them down.

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