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This Woke Florida Church Denomination Just Got Some BAD News

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You’d think a religious movement that had its beginnings in as a ‘holiness club’ would see news like this coming. But somehow, they did not.

For anyone familiar with modern Church History, the Methodist Church has its roots in the evangelistic work of a certain John Wesley. A lot has changed since the church was founded in the 1780s. John Wesley might scarcely recognize the 21st Century as having anything in common with the world as he knew it not just in technological change, but in social and cultural change as well.

The Methodist Church John Wesley founded never seems to miss an opportunity to show a preference for allegiance to the current cultural moral decrees over the authority of the Bible.

But just like God told Elijah that there still was a faithful remnant even when it seemed like all of Israel had apostatized itself, we are seeing evidence that not everyone in the Methodist has bought into following culture’s lead for moral imperatives and embraced theological libreralism.

Those who want to follow Christ’s teachings about marriage and morality instead of culture’s influence have finally had enough, 106 Floridian churches are breaking up with their denomination because of how the case of an openly lesbian bishop has been handled.

A lawsuit came into play when the denomination insisted that they be financially remunerated for the property on which the churches sit. The lead plantiff claims the denomination has no standing to ask for that.

More than 100 Florida churches have joined a lawsuit against a regional body of the United Methodist Church (UMC), seeking fair terms for leaving the denomination over LGBTQ issues.
…When Florida churches sought to break away from the state’s governing body, they were told they would be forced to pay a large fine, claiming “all properties” are held in the trust of the denomination.
…The churches in dispute are part of a movement of more conservative congregations within the UMC that oppose the denomination’s efforts to condone same-sex marriage ceremonies and ordain LGBTQ clergy members.
The denomination’s Book of Discipline holds that same-sex activity is “incompatible with Christian teaching” and bans participation in same-sex wedding ceremonies.
Another concern is related to where the separating churches will turn for new denominational relations. In May, 107 Florida congregations announced plans to join the newly formed Global Methodist Church (GMC) as a theologically conservative alternative to the traditional United Methodist Church.

There is a dispute over who has ownership of the property the churches have been built on, some of which purchased their land before the denomination was formally created in 1968.

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