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Video Of VP Kamala Harris’s Extreme ‘Wokeness’ At White House Event Goes Viral

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The Vice President was trending on Twitter on Tuesday because of a brief clip from a roundtable discussion about the overturning of Roe — and it had nothing to do with the subject matter.

VP Kamala Harris didn’t just announce her pronouns, she also described her sex and what she was wearing.

The video is a bit perplexing.

But it wasn’t just the Vice President — every person around the table did this.

Well, that is certainly weird.

How do you get anything done when you have to prostrate at the altar of “woke” like this at every turn? Harris announced her pronouns, clarified that she was indeed a woman, and then described where she was sitting and what she was wearing. Perhaps we should be grateful that they’re wasting their time on this nonsense instead of pushing their stupid and/or evil political agenda.

Apparently, this is the new way of being “inclusive” for people who are visually impaired.

Microsoft has been doing this sort of thing since at least last year. A couple of examples of Microsoft Ignite videos showing staffers doing something very similar were spread widely about 8 months ago.

Here’s a compilation of those from the YouTube channel Memeology 101:

How describing what you’re wearing including the color is relevant or helpful in any way whatsoever to blind people talking about abortion is beyond me — but that’s what the Regime Apologists are going with.

The event was to mark the 32nd anniversary of the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

She said that the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade last month is particularly concerning to her due to the effects it could have on Americans with disabilities, claiming that the ‘decision will uniquely impact’ this community.

Self description of her attire was for the benefit of any participants who are visually impaired, but her gender identification led to criticism from Republicans…

…Harris sat at the head of the table in her ceremonial office Tuesday and was wearing a mask after coming in close contact with President Joe Biden, who tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday.

‘We know that all people with disabilities, of course in the United States should have full access to reproductive care and reproductive care,’ the vice president said. ‘But these abortion restrictions that are being put in place in our country, by extremist, so-called leaders in various states, will have disproportionate impacts on people with disabilities.’
Source: Daily Mail

Aside from the woke pandering and hijacking an event for the disabled to to push an extreme pro-abortion position that is an outlier (along with Canada and the Netherlands) in the western world, how was the rest of the White House event?

Well, the Vice President was as eloquent as ever.

Remember how former Vice President Dan Quayle was mocked and called stupid by the left incessantly? Why doesn’t the press do that with Vice President “Comma-La” Harris? Half the time she sounds like she is trying to give a high school presentation without having done any research and the other half of the time she sounds like she’s really, really high.

No wonder they’re trying to ditch this diversity-hire chick and Clueless Joe for smarmy, “American Psycho” twin Gavin Newsom in 2024.

Right-wingers mocked VP Harris online for the bizarre video.

But Matt missed something — VP Harris might know the answer to the question he’s been asking for years, “What is a woman?” because she called herself one.

Or maybe she doesn’t. Who knows?

A couple of Congresswomen shared their thoughts…

MTG is right — people are getting tired of the hectoring over pronouns and the constant infusion of “wokeness” into everything.

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