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VIRAL VIDEO: Liberal Voter Puts Dem Politicians On FULL BLAST For Fundraising After SCOTUS Overturn Of Roe

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You might not agree with this guy on his political views — but you’ll probably agree with him on this.

A video posted on Wednesday evening has been gaining traction on Conservative Twitter and it’s quite something.

The video is of a very angry liberal voter who has had it with the constant fundraising emails and texts that he’s receiving from Democrat politicians — many of them career “public servants” — who have obtained obscene levels of personal wealth.

And they’re soliciting donations at a time when inflation is hitting every American pretty hard with no sign of relief. Even the Biden administration is saying that they don’t really care about your financial woes — it’s all part of the “transition” to a “Liberal World Order” or to “Build Back Better” or maybe have a “Great Reset” or something.

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While the guy in the video doesn’t cite inflation as part of his frustration, that’s the reality that we’re in right now, and having a half-dozen millionaires with their hands out in your texts and email seems a bit… tone-deaf.

After listing several of the politicians’ net worth, this bro puts them on full blast for fundraising off of the Dobbs ruling.

He says that they don’t need to be calling for him to donate money to them — they’ve got enough money themselves.

He tells them, “You guys want money? F**king call your guy — you call him every week to do insider trading.”

“You have power. You have it. You’re in those seats. We’re the ones who are powerless,” he says. “Stop f**king pretending you’re protesting.”

He added, “If you don’t don’t want to f**king do it, or it’s ‘too hard’ — f**king retire! You’re rich as sh*t! You don’t need to do anything.”


The best part of his rant was where he goes after Pelosi directly.

“If I had 114.7 million dollars, Nancy Pelosi, you know what I’d do? First, I’d get my f**king husband a driver so he doesn’t get a g**damn DUI, and the second thing I’d do — I’d be on a f**king boat. A f**king boat.”

Amen, brother!

Welcome to the constant fundraising hell by do-nothing politicians that conservatives experienced before Roe was overturned.

We understand your pain because we’ve felt it.

This guy must realize that the Democrats didn’t do anything to codify Roe when they could under Obama and even now, as they hold the White House, House of Representatives, and Senate they’ve got their hands out making promises about what they might do in the future.

That’s because Democrats realize that their extreme “abortion on demand without apology” at all stages of pregnancy is a pivot from “safe, legal, and rare” and out-of-step with the vast majority of Americans that think that there should be some legal limit on abortion.

Maybe soon this guy will realize that it isn’t about the policies for the grifting Democrats — it’s about power.

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K. Walker

ClashDaily's Associate Editor since August 2016. Self-described political junkie, anti-Third Wave Feminist, and a nightmare to the 'intersectional' crowd. Mrs. Walker has taken a stand against 'white privilege' education in public schools. She's also an amateur Playwright, former Drama teacher, and staunch defender of the Oxford comma. Follow her humble musings on Twitter: @TheMrsKnowItAll and on Gettr @KarenWalker

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