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WATCH: Dr. Marty Makary Raises Questions About WHEN Biden Contracted COVID And The WH’s ‘Free Commercial’ For Paxlovid

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The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine prof appeared on The Ingraham Angle on Thursday and hoo-boy was it an informative 2-minute segment!

Laura Ingraham’s show on Thursday had a brief interview with Dr. Marty Makary to discuss the President’s COVID diagnosis and prognosis as well as the White House’s creepy praising of Paxlovid as practically a miracle cure.


Ingraham played a clip of Acting President White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain gushing about Paxlovid on Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC show. During her hard-hitting interview with the WH Chief of Staff, she asked the penetrating question that every American wants an answer to — What will the President be binge-watching as he recovers from COVID? And we’re supposed to believe that Nicolle Wallace is somehow a serious journalist. <insert eye-roll emoji>

In Dr. Makary’s appearance on “The Ingraham Angle,” he made a number of really fascinating points relating to:

  1. The White House giving a “free commercial” for Pfizer’s antiviral drug.
  2. The data behind Paxlovid and the “COVID rebound” effect it’s causing.
  3. The constant fear-mongering about COVID even though the virus that is spreading now is very different from the one that was spreading in March 2020.
  4. When President Joe Biden may have actually contracted COVID.
  5. The White House all of a sudden not seeming to care about contact tracing.
  6. The collapse of the “COVID Zero” policies.

It was a 2-minute segment that is really worth watching.


Here is the full episode that includes the clip of Klain praising Paxlovid beginning at the 7:45 mark.

Watch the segment here:

Here is the transcript:

LAURA INGRAHAM: Joining me now is Dr. Marty Makary, professor at the Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine and author of “The Price We Pay.” Dr. Makary, great to see you tonight. What do you make of the White House’s handling of this — especially this relentless push for Paxlovid?

DR. MARTY MAKARY: Well, Pfizer’s getting a free commercial here. It’s being given off-label to the majority of people in the United States who are getting it. It’s supposed to be for high-risk people. It was only studied in the non-immune people — people with no immune systems, but it’s been given to low-risk people and the result has been a rebound rate of about 50% where you actually prolong the symptoms and the period where you’re contagious, and on a population level, it drives mutations. We’re learning more and more about that now.

INGRAHAM: Today Sanjay Gupta had a pretty candid take on the President’s condition.


DR. SANJAY GUPTA: I think that if this were my parents calling me and they are in the same position in terms of their vaccination status and they said that they got COVID — I’d be worried. They’re around the same age as the President. I’d be worried.


INGRAHAM: Does that surprise you, that take?

DR. MAKARY: Well, in the world of fearmongering and the stigma that COVID has from the previous days when we had almost noting to treat it with, it is concerning that we are using that language. If I were caring for the President, I would simply reassure him. He feels fine. He looks fine. He’s probably on Day 6 or 10 of his COIVD course even though they just said he tested positive —

INGRAHAM: Wait, wait, wait. Marty, Marty, why are you saying that? Why are you saying that? It’s important for us to note.

DR. MAKARY: Well, last Friday, giving a speech in Israel, he was coughing, he looked ill — he didn’t look well. So, it may have been that he developed symptoms on that day.

INGRAHAM: Yikes. So apparently, he wasn’t doing that systematic testing that they’re always hectoring us about when we’re in large crowds. I mean, that’s their protocol, correct? They’re always talking about the great protocol today.

DR. MAKARY: Even if he got it yesterday, they were asked, “Are you gonna go back and contact trace before 48 hours?” and they said, “No, basically it doesn’t matter. We don’t think it’s important.” What’s happening is all these “COVID Zero” policies are self-destructing because the virus is inevitable, people see through it, and they’re not practical.

INGRAHAM: Dr. Makary, great to see you tonight. Thank you.

So, what have we learned here?

  • The White House is pushing Paxlovid after paying Pfizer billions of dollars for a drug with a 50% chance of making the COVID infection more severe and more infectious while driving mutations. Great job, everyone!
  • The COVID fearmongers won’t stop the pandemic porn even when things are getting better.
  • Biden probably had COVID when he was sick in Israel and shaking hands with people after that speech in a hospital while coughing and complaining about a headache.
  • The White House seems to not care where he contracted COVID despite Team Biden during the election blasting President Trump as a “super spreader” when he got the virus because he wasn’t hiding in his basement for the campaign.
  • The White House isn’t going to bother with the contact tracing that they insist that we all do because it doesn’t really matter.

That’s quite a bit to fit into just two minutes of airtime!

To reiterate what Laura Ingraham said, Dr. Makary… Thank you!

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