Wisconsin Court Makes BIG Ruling On Dropbox Use … Will This Change Perceptions Of Jan 6 Committee?

Written by Wes Walker on July 11, 2022

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The core message behind the criticism of Trump on Jan 6 was that there was no valid reason to challenge the certification of State electors.

For the accusations against him to completely fall flat, his side doesn’t have to show that the election was stolen, only that he had legitimate cause to think that some elections were not properly conducted and fairly won.

The result of 2020 cannot be reversed. What’s done is done. But we can still learn from the post-mortem of that election. And Wisconsin Supreme Court just dropped a massive ruling in favor of Trump’s understanding of how the elections were conducted.

It took until July of 2022 to get an answer, but the Wisconsin Supreme court has finally ruled on the use of Drop Boxes.

Their use is — and was — contrary to election law.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that most ballot drop boxes aren’t allowed in the state and that a voter can’t have someone else return — in person — their completed absentee ballot on their behalf.

The high court’s ruling Friday, which comes one month before the swing state’s primary elections, is a loss for voting rights groups and disability advocates.

The decision is the latest in a legal battle that began in January, after a Waukesha County judge sided with a conservative legal group in a lawsuit, declaring state law doesn’t allow for unstaffed ballot drop boxes and requires that voters physically return their own absentee ballots.

…”The key phrase is ‘in person’ and it must be assigned its natural meaning,” wrote Justice Rebecca Bradley for the conservative majority, referring to the state statute governing ballot returns. “‘In person’ denotes ‘bodily presence’ and the concept of doing something personally.”

Bradley wrote that absentee ballots must be delivered in person at a clerk’s office and cannot be returned by someone else. The ruling did not address whether someone must physically put their own absentee ballot in the mailbox if voting by mail. — NPR

This lines up with the Republican call for making it ‘easy to vote but hard to cheat’. Democrats — who were shown to have benefitted greatly from the use of drop boxes. The documentary 10,000 Mules has much to say on why that might be the case.

This takes us back to what was really happening on Jan 6. Republicans were doing the exact same ting Democrats had tried to do in each of the last 3 Republican presidential wins. They tried to oppose the certification of electors in certain states, according to the provisions of the Constitution.

Those earlier Democrats did not have the backing of a Senator to initiate the vote and challenge the certification. The 2020 Republicans DID have House and Senate support for that challenge.

Far from being an ‘insurrection’ — it would simply invoke one of the other paths forward to determining a Presidential winer. Ted Cruz’s option was a 10 day review of the contested states, following the example of the contested election of 1876. Otherwise, if no candidate secured a clear majority of the Electoral College, the tiebreaker mechanism would have kicked in.

The reason Dems were so furious is that, as of 2020, the tiebreaker mechanism was favoring Republicans. They couldn’t have that. Not when they had worked so hard to set up those drop boxes and leverage those precious Zuckerbucks to drag Biden’s stumbling carcass over the finish line.

The REAL Big Lie was spouted by Democrats.

They claimed that the 2020 election result had no irregularities. It was the most secure election of ever, they told us. That’s not true at all. The only unanswered question was, were the irregularities enough to change the outcome?

This is the latest irregularity to turn up. It was by no means the first.

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