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40 Seattle Firefighters Attacked By Vagrants Setting Fires In Homeless Camps

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The hellscape Liberal cesspool that gave us CHAZ/CHOP has moved on to fresh new horrors. The homeless camps have created a new danger to … local firefighters..?

You might think you already know all the good reasons a city might NOT want homeless camps to pop up like mushrooms all over a city. But you probably haven’t thought of this one.

Firefighters in Seattle have been responding to as many as five fires in homeless camps a day. For background, Seattle has gone from 763 homeless camps in May, to 814 in June. That number represents 814 separate camps, not individual homeless people.

Responding to these fires has caused a problem for the firefighters themselves.

Firefighters in Seattle have demanded the city take action after they were subjected to more than 40 violent attacks in the past four months – a string of assaults that have been largely carried out by the city’s homeless population.
The attacks, which the city’s firefighter’s union says began in May, have seen the protectors repeatedly targeted by the intemperate down-and-outs, often while responding to fires started at the city’s growing number of homeless encampments.

After 40 attacks in 4 months, the union has had enough. They are calling for the city to take some sort of corrective action.

‘Seattle Fire Fighters are not trained or empowered to mitigate violent Individuals, and it is not conducive to our mission,’ Stuart, who has has served as a Seattle firefighter since 1996, wrote in one July 26 letter obtained by a local radio station.
‘This hazard, this violence,’ Stuart went on, ‘must be proactively mitigated through policies and actions of our elected officials, law enforcement, and leaders within the Seattle Fire Department.’
Stuart went on to cite the dangers his fellow firefighters are facing by recounting several of the brazen attacks, which transpired when officials responded to a call stemming from a homeless encampment.

They’ve been attacked with weapons — including an improvized club made out of rebar. They’ve had rocks chucked at their heads. Another brandished a knife. There have been occasions where these clowns climb up on the trucks. One female firefighter was even kicked in the crotch for some reason.

The aggressors were arrested, and later let back out onto the streets.

It’s not just the fires, either. Homeless camps have been associated with other social ills, too — including shootings.

While blue states struggle with insanity like this, Miami was recently featured on Tucker’s show for having a surprisingly low crime rate.

It’s almost like Obama was right in saying that elections have consequences… just not in the way that he thinks.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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