Biden’s DOE Chooses Partisanship Over Parents In New Initiative

Written by Wes Walker on August 18, 2022

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Time and again, Biden has made it clear he is far more committed to catering to the agenda of the activist left than responding to complaints of concerned parents.

We saw it with his dismissal of parents concerned about teenage girls getting dominated in women’s sports and losing out on scholarships.

We saw it with his capitulation to Teachers’ Unions’ demands about mask mandates, his opposition to DeSantis anti-groomer legislation, and in slapping a ‘domestic terrorist’ label on parents upset about a girl being raped in the school bathroom.

What does a guy him that do for an encore?

He activates the DOE.

The Department of Eduction has a new creation to unveil. In the tradition of deceptive names like ‘Affordable Care Act’ and ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ they have announced the launch of their National Parents and Families Engagement Council.

Its stated purpose is to help parents and families engage with local schools and districts. If you’re waiting for the catch, you’ve been paying attention. There’s almost always a catch.

The first clue might be the contribution of Al Sharpton’s group and some of BLM’s fellow travelers.

It all sounds very appealing — until one examines the details. First, the list of council members reads like a “who’s who” of leftist groups. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network counts among the participants , as do several other groups affiliated with Black Lives Matter, which supports the abolition of the nuclear family. The department has said the council “will reflect the diversity of the educational system,” but a reported 80% of the leaders of the council groups have donated to President Joe Biden or to other Democrats.
In addition, the group has apparently met in secret in violation of transparency requirements under the Federal Advisory Committee Act. As a result, a group of parent organizations has had to sue the Biden administration just to learn more about this secretive, left-wing cabal masquerading as an “engagement council.”

Don’t expect Joe to give a rat’s backside about what parents want. Not when Teachers’ Unions are the one bankrolling Democrat elections.

He’s already shown his real allegiance through stalwart opposition to the one initiative that would help vulnerable students the most — school choice.

If he doesn’t even care about vulnerable children, you can be damned sure he won’t care about their parents, either.

Exactly the reason parents need to continue standing strong.

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