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Woman Says Drag Queen Stole A Wad Of Cash From Her Wallet — The Show Says SHE Is The Problem (VIDEO)

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When did Drag Queens become a protected class?

They’re certainly acting like a protected class.

It seems like a drag queen can do no wrong in some people’s eyes.

One woman received a stark realization that Drag Queens are just like anyone else.

Libs of TikTok posted a video made by a woman who attended a drag brunch show in Las Vegas on Saturday and claims that the main Drag Queen opened up her purse and took out a “wad of cash” which she estimated to be between $500 to $700, returned the purse and walked away.

When the Drag Queen first picked up her purse, the woman thought it was just part of the act… until the money wasn’t returned to her when the show was over.

The woman said that when she confronted the performer, he called her a b*tch, told her to f**k off, and insisted that he had only grabbed a dollar.

Unfortunately for the drag queen, there was video of the incident and it clearly shows him taking a number of folded bills out of the women’s purse.

She then posted a follow-up video where she discusses how the event company that runs the Drag Brunch has called her a liar and said that her videos are causing harm to the performers because they’re “promoting hate” and “inciting violence toward gays.”

The TikTok user @meggymomma has posted several videos on the situation where she repeatedly says that there is no reasonable situation where a performer has the right to open up and dig through a woman’s purse and take cash out of it. That’s stealing.

She says that it doesn’t matter if it was only a dollar or two, no one is entitled to just take money out of someone’s wallet.

Bryan Watkins (aka Shannel) posted a video on Instagram giving his account of what happened. He says that it’s a normal part of drag shows to take a woman’s purse and walk around with it and even open it up, look inside, and take things out. He insists that he only removed a couple of dollars from the woman’s purse and when he saw she was upset, he tossed a $20 at her. He vehemently insists that he didn’t collect enough tips to have grabbed several hundred dollars from her.

These Drag shows are supposed to be cute and funny, but personally, I don’t get the appeal. It seems like it’s a bunch of people who want to dress up and caricature women as bitchy, catty, slutty, and entitled and call it comedy.

I don’t doubt that they’re getting some nasty calls, but that’s kind of what happens when your entitled performer decides to steal cash out of a woman’s purse. Even though I personally find drag abhorrent, I don’t think that violence or even threats of violence are the answer here.

But then, the event company hasn’t provided evidence of the kind of harassment that they claim they’re getting. The claim that this woman’s videos calling out bad behavior are “inciting violence” seems like a rather convenient way to silence her.

In one of her videos, she makes sure to bow and scrape to the Woke World Order because no one wants to be on the wrong side of the Alphabet people — they can make your life hell if you don’t give them proper deference.

We may never know just how much cash was taken out of that woman’s purse, but it doesn’t really matter — that drag queen didn’t have the right to remove a plug nickel from her wallet.

And if they don’t like the negative publicity, maybe they should reconsider how they perform the show and perhaps not open up a woman’s purse.

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