Border Patrol Chief Says Biden’s Policies Have ‘No Consequences’ And Migrant Surge Will Increase Exponentially (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on August 31, 2022

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The great thing about this statement is that it was done under oath as part of a lawsuit aimed at forcing the Biden Administration to secure the border.

A federal lawsuit filed by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody in Tampa on May 8 alleges that DHS and other federal agencies are violating federal law by not returning ineligible illegal migrants to their home countries and instead releasing them into the U.S. interior.

Apparently, the Biden administration secretly flying illegal migrants into Florida under the cover of darkness ticked off the Florida Attorney General who seems to be just as feisty as the Florida Governor.

“The Biden administration’s actions will allow criminal aliens to be released into and move freely in the state of Florida, and their resulting crime will cost the state millions of dollars on law enforcement, incarceration, and crime victim’s assistance,” states the lawsuit. “It will also cause unquantifiable harm to Florida’s citizenry and will force the state to expend its own law enforcement resources to pick up the slack.”

In a deposition on July 28 that is part of the lawsuit, Biden’s Border Patrol Chief Rauol Ortiz said under oath that there are “no consequences” for illegal migrants crossing into the United States and that the current border crisis makes the situation “less safe for Americans and aliens alike.”

He also told Florida lawyers that migrants enter the U.S. illegally and then turn themselves in to Boder Patrol because they believe that they will be released into the country.

Ortiz has more than 31 years of experience working for Customs and Border Patrol. He said that the Biden administration’s policies that rely on anything but detention and deportation has incentivized more illegal migration.

Raul Ortiz accused Biden of creating an environment that allowed for the unprecedented surge in migration at the southern border over the last nearly two years and said it will continue at an ‘exponential’ rate under current policies.

‘In my experience, we have seen increases when there are no consequences,’ the Border Patrol chief said under oath during a recorded deposition with the Florida Attorney General’s office.

He added in his questioning: ‘There is an assumption that if migrant populations are told that there is a potential that they may be released, that, yes, you can see increases.’

‘I do think it will increase, yeah,’ he said when pressed on if illegal immigration will continue to surge.
Source: The Daily Mail

Since Biden took office, more and more migrants are making the dangerous trek across the border. So far in the fiscal year 2022, CBP has encountered more than 2 million migrants at the southern border. This historically high number will only increase with another quarter left to go.

Ironically, “exponentially” is a word that Joe Biden cannot pronounce correctly.

That will never not be funny.

What isn’t funny is the way that the Democrats have refused to enforce the immigration laws on the books at the southern border which continues to encourage people to put their lives in the hands of cartels to make the dangerous journey across the border.

It’s not “humane” it’s actually quite inhumane, and it also happens to be illegal.

Let’s pray that this lawsuit succeeds and the Biden admin are shamed into securing the border instead of letting cartels control immigration along the borders of Texas, Arizona, California, and New Mexico.

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