CHENEY V TRUMP: Who Had The More Inspiring Political Video?

Written by Wes Walker on August 16, 2022

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You’d think the Cheney family would be more grateful for Trump. Until he came along as a political lightning rod, they were Hitler, Valdemort, and Darth Vader all rolled into one.

The Veep who shot his hunting buddy in the face was routinely denounced in the most Hitlerian terms, and there were even odds on whether you were more likely to hear an invocation of Haliburton or War Crimes mentioned in close proximity to his name.

Then along came Trump, and with him, an opportunity to re-enter Establishmentarian polite society. All they had to do to restore their name to good graces was bend the knee to the Progressive agenda and take down the CURRENT Republican ‘worse-than-Hitler’ threat.

(Meanwhile, the uniparty establishmentians are already warming up their NEWEST worse than Hitler catchphrases on the heir-apparent, Ron DeSantis.)

Cheney isn’t the ONLY one taking this opportunity to shiv Trump as the price for readmission into the big happy swampy family, there are a handful of others who are trying to revitalize their name by taunting the big dog when they think he’s muzzled and they are safely beyond the reach of his leash (looking at you, Romney!).

But Cheney is easily the most shameless of them. Wrapping herself in the flag while she tramples every norm, the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial, and any Constitutional protection designed to protect citizens from exactly the kind of retributive action Cheney herself is leading, she has spent the last year and a half in a systematic assault on the name and reputation of her sworn enemy, Donald J. Trump.

She even trotted out what’s left of her aging dad to help her in her efforts.

The man who led us into a war with Iraq on the false claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction is taking issue with Trump’s integrity and calling him out as the greatest threat to our republic using lies and violence to keep himself in power.

Meanwhile, his daughter is using lies and a weaponized government to wipe her ass with the Bill of Rights.

The guy has been compared to movie villains for so long that he’s started to look like one. And is it just me, or does that hat of his look like he picked it up from the store about 5 minutes before filming this?

Let’s compare Cheney’s video (and if you’re in Wyoming, today is your chance to vote her out in the primaries!) to a video of the man they cast as this grave and existential threat to the Republic.

He isn’t afraid to lay out the harsh truth of our current situation, and the black and white video with thunder and rain further underscores his long list of disastrous points.

But he doesn’t think America needs to stay that way.
The music changes.
The sun comes out.
And his message begins to take flight.

Trump has a very different conviction of what America can be than the swampy establishmentarianism does.

Whose vision do YOU want to see shaping our great nation?

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