SPICY: AZ Candidate Kari Lake Weighs In On Who Has THIS ONE Quality ALL Our Leaders Need (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 16, 2022

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Some of our readers will be jumping onto the Urban Dictionary site after watching this to find out what the heck that acronym stands for.

Arizona’s Republican candidate for Governor set the internet on fire by invoking a very specific colloquial expression that nails the one quality our gelded establishment politicians lack, but that DeSantis and Trump both have in abundance. There’s a three-letter acronym for it.

Kari Lake was on her best behavior. (Well…. sort of).

When she took time in front of the crowd to acknowledge the support she had received from Governor DeSantis she remembered that her staffers didn’t want her to say ‘balls’. This is a fact she cheerfully shared with the audience.

Three cheers for this new trend of Don’t-Give-An-Eff transparency!

Arizona’s Gubernatorial candidate found another way to express her appreciation of DeSantis, by saying he had (ahem) … a backbone … of steel.

Backbone. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

But moments later, her staffers were probably standing with their jaws on the floor, adding new terms to her ‘never say this’ list when she used an acronym to describe the quality that Desantis and Trump have, but that more politicians need to step up and demonstrate.

She called it ‘Big DeSantis Energy’. But one of these words was NOT the colloquial usage of the acronym… a fact she demonstrated by her banter after saying it.

She’s bold, and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself.

Even if POTUS45 ultimately decides NOT to run again, Trump has already made politics better by pulling the stick out of the GOP’s backside.

If we’re going to win, we’ve got to remember BOTH parts of Andrew Breitbart’s fighting spirit.

On one side, we’re playing for keeps in a real fight for all the marbles…

On the other side, as Lake herself reminds us, we need to retain that happy warrior mentality.

Here at ClashDaily we celebrate rowdy and righteous contrarians.

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