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Democrats Are Gaslighting Americans With The ‘Inflation Act’

The Inflation Act of 2022 is the perfect example of the Democrats gaslighting the American people.

Most Americans are not schooled in the technique of gaslighting, and I’ll think I want to take a moment to define gaslighting in a political sense. To “gaslight” someone is to manipulate them into questioning their perception of reality. If it sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because it is — political gaslighting is fast becoming the defining feature of our times.

The process of political gaslighting makes use of certain techniques. “[It] utilizes deceptive and manipulative use of information with the motivation to destabilize and disorient public opinion on political issues,” Farah Latif, a communications expert from George Washington University in the U.S., noted in a paper.

Here is an example of the gaslighting of America using The Inflation Act of 2022. We are being told by the Democrats that this bill will fight inflation. Let’s take the cover off the bill and look at what is inside to determine if we’ve been gaslighted or are the Democrats speaking the truth.

The proposed bill is expected to raise revenue of $739 billion, of which $313 billion will come from a 15% corporate minimum tax, an additional $288 billion will come from savings from prescription Doug pricing reform, $124 billion in IRS tax enforcement. The expenditures are $433 billion out of the $739 billion.

So, I ask you, based on the expenditures, what is going to be the impact on inflation? The $739 billion is estimated over 10 years or approximately $74 billion annually. The current federal debt is over $30 trillion, and the current GDP is roughly $21 trillion a year. With inflation over the last 12 months being over 9%, the impact of inflation on the GDP of the United States is over $800 billion per year. The deficit reduction proposed in this bill is $300 billion, but our debt, as was just pointed out, is over $30 trillion, so the $300 billion is a little over one percent of the deficit, and the current budget is expected to add about another $3 trillion to the deficit.

More gaslighting, The Congressional Budget Office is responsible for looking at bills and scoring the impact on the budget and the deficit. They said,” According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a federal agency that provides budget and economic information to Congress, the bill would barely make a dent on inflation in the near term—and could even nudge it upward.”

If the bill passes in 2022, the CBO estimates that it would have a “negligible effect on inflation,” In 2023, it would change inflation somewhere between 0.1 percentage points lower and 0.1 percentage points higher than it is currently.

The CBO also estimates the bill would decrease the deficit by more than $100 billion over the next decade. According to the Bipartisan Policy Center, the federal government ran a deficit of $2.8 trillion in 2021; the bill’s estimated deficit reduction would wipe out about 4% of that.

The bill calls for $369 billion out of the $433 billion in revenue to be spent on green energy projects 85% of the spending goes to building green energy. If government spending is a leading cause of inflation, how is this $369 billion not inflationary?

Last week, Democrats unveiled climate and health care legislation called the “Inflation Reduction Act,” and there’s a lot of debate over the name of the proposed public policy measures. After the legislation was revealed, 230 economists sent the country’s House and Senate leaders a warning that the proposed policies would fuel inflation. The letter stresses an urgent need to curb America’s inflationary pressures ​​but further notes the “‘Inflation Reduction Act of 2022’ is a misleading label applied to a bill that would likely achieve the exact opposite effect.” They didn’t say that the bill’s name is intended to gaslight millions of Americans.

Joe Biden forgot to read and remember the bill’s title because this is what he said about the bill on social media, “The Inflation Reduction Act won’t just be the most significant investment in clean energy and American energy security in history. It will be the most important investment in American manufacturing as well. 2:30 PM · Aug 4, 2022, ·The White House Not a word on helping to bring down inflation even the president has been gaslighted.

What happened to change Manchin’s mind and support the gaslighting of America? Perhaps this is a clue, but now, in the name of combating climate change, the administration of President Joe Biden and the Democratic leadership in Congress are poised to vanquish pipeline opponents. For months, the nation has wondered what price Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin would extract to allow a major climate change bill. Part of that price turns out to be clearing the way for the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Only time will tell what other prices had to be paid.

The Democrats had to believe that they would, if for no other reason than history, lose control of the house due to the mid-term election, and this may be the last major legislation they could get perhaps for decades.

The gaslight process misleads the American people with hope that isn’t really there, and then down the road, when all of their gaslight promises have not been met by the Democrats, they will just gaslight us again.

Gaslighting is evil because it makes Americans who want to believe that our senators and Congress people have America’s best interest at heart. Every time they are gaslighted, the trust rating falls the anger increases. At some time in the future, we will rise up as a nation and blow out the gas light.

Dan Perkins is a published author of 7 novels on nuclear and biological terrorism against the United States to historical fiction. He is a current events commentator for over 35 news blogs. He has had commentaries posted on Medium, Conservative Truth, Clash Daily, and Newsmax among others. He appears on radio and TV many times a month. Dan’s newest show is, Dan After Dark  which can be heard at More information on Perkins can be found on his web site: