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Doc Says American Academy Of Pediatrics Is A ‘Broken, Failed Political Organization’ (VIDEO)

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It isn’t just the education system that has been politicized…

Dr. Vinay Prasad, a hematologist-oncologist and Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of California San Francisco weighs in on medical topics on YouTube in his spare time. He also writes a Substack newsletter and hosts a podcast.

This guy is clearly no slacker.

But he does call out his fellow medical professionals when they make recommendations that aren’t based on science.

His latest target is the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) — he says that it has become very clear that despite their slogan, “Dedicated to the health of all children,” they’re making recommendations that are based on the political science rather than medical science.

In his video, Prasad says that the pre-pandemic AAP was “overconfident” and would make recommendations on incomplete or faulty data instead of admitting that there are things that medical professionals just don’t know and proper collection of data would be needed. As an example, he mentioned the recommendation for pregnant women and new moms on exposure to peanuts 20 years ago that turned out to be 180 degrees wrong.

He added that during the pandemic, “this deficiency was paired with naked politics, and selling out scientific thinking to political allegiance.”

Prasad said that it became very clear when then-President Trump was pushing for in-person learning in schools by the fall of 2020. The Trump administration had cited the AAP’s recommendations to resume in-person learning, and all of a sudden, the AAP started to walk it back.

From Dr. Prasad’s article in the “Sensible Medicine” Substack:

The facts are simple. The AAP initially put forth the right decision, “recommending that education leaders and policymakers “should start with a goal of having students physically present in school” by fall of 2020.

Then Trump famously voiced his full-throated support for reopening schools 100% by the fall, and cited the AAP report as evidence he was correct. (For the record: Trump was correct about this one issue).

The AAP immediately began walking back support for children. The AAP president said, “local coronavirus infection rates and hot spots have to be taken into consideration to safely reopen schools.” But, this was inaccurate. European experience showed that reopening was possible irrespective of local infection rates; Kids could benefit from school, even in places with high spread, and schools could safely reopen even there. ((em)Emphasis added))

The AAP chose to bend to political whims rather than make recommendations based on the evidence — they sided with teachers’ unions and against students all because they didn’t want to agree with the Bad Oraange Man.

Children have been harmed throughout this pandemic and keeping them out of the classrooms was one of the worst things that they had to endure.

But it isn’t just that — it’s masking up kids, too.

Despite what the articles that are light on data suggest, there is no data to mask kids.

The World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the European CDC had advised against masking kids under the age of 6, but the AAP recommended masking up toddlers.

Dr. Prasad makes a number of other interesting points in his video and doesn’t mince words as he lambasts the AAP.


And to think — he hasn’t even touched on the radical gender theory that is being shoved at kids by activists, doctors, and hospitals.

Dr. Prasad admits in the video that he’s a progressive Democrat, but he was willing to give Trump his due when he was right, and according to Prasad, he was absolutely right about in-person learning. He also said that Florida made the right calls about keeping kids inside the classrooms rather than caving to lobbyists and extremist activists.

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