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SERIOUS ERRORS: Bill Barr Drops Hammer On Mueller Report’s Obvious Agenda

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The very same thing we respect about Bill Barr is the thing that drives us crazy about him. He doesn’t carry anyone else’s water. He does his own thing.

There were times in Trump’s presidency when we loved that about him. There were other times it left us pulling out our hair.

The same left that is popping corks over Garland acting as the enforcement arm of DNC woke partisanship publicly denounced Barr as Trump’s lapdog. But when he had something negative to say about Trump’s presidency, or when he reportedly instructed prosecutors at the state level NOT to look into election irregularities around 2020 he was a hero to them.

With Barr weighing in on the Mueller Report you can be sure they’ve all gone back to hating him again. What did he say that they won’t like? He cited some ‘serious errors’ in the Mueller Report.

He said this in response to Democrats piling on last week about the left’s framing of Barr’s refusal to charge Trump with obstruction. Keep in mind that Russian Collusion and the Mar-A-Lago raid serve as the ultimate backdrop for this story.

Democrats spent part of last week insinuating that Mueller had identified ten or so areas of potential obstruction, but for some reason Barr refused to call it obstruction.

Barr responded to those allegations in an interview with Bari Weiss. The former AG began by describing how the investigation had undercut its own credibility from the very beginning and dragged it out for what certainly looks to the rest of us like a partisan advantage in the Midterm elections.

“He goes out and hires partisan Democrats to make up his investigative team, which means half the country is going to be suspicious from the very beginning,” Barr told Weiss, according to the transcript. “That defeated the whole purpose of naming him. I think it was pretty evident within a few months of his taking the position that there had been no collusion.”
“But instead of stopping it at that point and letting the country move on, he took two instances, which clearly on their face were not obstruction and which even his final report doesn’t try to argue were obstruction,” and used them to “bootstrap the rest of the two-year investigation,” Barr added.

He went on to explain the delay in publishing the report. As any regular readers of Clash will already know, the report as submitted by Mueller included information from Grand Jury sources. Since information from Grand Jury sources does not allow for the cross-examination of allegations by the accused, such information cannot lawfully be released to the public.

Mueller and his ‘Angry Democrats’, as Trump had dubbed them, would have known that Barr could not publish any such information without redactions. They left information that could not be legally made public with the intent that Trump would appear to be hiding something.

Dems, including Schiff, predictably wasted no time in weaponizing those redactions against the Trump administration. But here, Barr explains what really happened in that part of the story.

Critics of Barr have long condemned his rollout of Mueller’s report, including his sending a letter to Congress with a summary of its findings that preceded the report’s release. But in speaking with Weiss, Barr expressed exasperation at what he said was the Mueller team’s failure to heed his request to deliver to him a report that could be released to the public immediately.
“I asked him, when you give me the report, you have to sanitize it so I’m in a position to release it as soon as you give it to me because if there’s a delay between the time you give me the report and the time I can make it public under the law … a lot of damage can be done to the country, the stock market, and our foreign adversaries. People are going to wonder if the president’s going to jail. So you have to give it to me in a form in which I can release it,” Barr said.
The former attorney general said what he got, a report with no redactions and grand jury materials that needed to be concealed, forced him to come forward with a summary while redactions were implemented for roughly three weeks. This was despite Mueller saying he understood Barr’s directive to give him a report that could be released quickly, the former attorney general said.

As for the decision not to press charges? Dems can rage all they want about that, but that decision was taken from the language of the Mueller Report itself.

“I don’t know why it was done. It was inexplicable to me,” Barr said. He said in the intervening period he had to tell people “what the bottom line was: that there was going to be no indictment of the president and, therefore, there was no collusion. He didn’t reach a decision on obstruction. I took the sentence from his conclusion and said while he didn’t find obstruction, he didn’t exonerate him. I put that in the letter. And then I said, ‘However, I am making the decision based on the report, and I don’t find there was obstruction.’ And then I explained why I didn’t find there was obstruction. So half the letter is me explaining my decision — not Mueller’s decision. And I thought that was the responsible thing to do. People who are acting in good faith can scour that letter and not see anything misleading in it.”
He added: “The other thing I haven’t really understood what the thrust of this complaint is because we got the report out a couple of weeks later, and if the stuff was so damaging, why didn’t Congress impeach him at that point? There were crickets. So the idea that I affected the thing by summarizing the report … was the left-wing throwing a tantrum because Mueller didn’t deliver the goods as far as they were concerned.”

If Dems are mad that the AG didn’t throw the book at Trump when even the Partisan Democrats leading the charge in the Mueller investigation came up empty, maybe they should smash their Saint Mueller candles in protest, and turn their rage against Weisman. If tens of millions of dollars of the legal equivalent of a colonoscopy can’t turn up any dirt on the man, you have to face the fact that there’s just no relevant dirt to be found.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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