LMAO: ‘Woke’ Teacher STUMPED By Middle School Students Over Pronoun Use (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on August 5, 2022

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This teacher is very confused so she turned to TikTok users for help. That was her SECOND mistake…

Her first mistake was buying into radical gender theory.

Still, the questionable decisions to seek answers from users who have such incredibly poor judgment that they willingly use a Chinese spy app that logs their keystrokes and biometric information — wow! That’s right up there!

We have seen time and again courtesy of the Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok, that teachers from preschool to college are really pushing this woke crap on their students — especially the use of “personal pronouns.”

Gender-bending teachers are finding joy in being affirmed in their identity by having little kids use the words they tell them to use as an authority figure.

Sometimes, there are people who want to call themselves “allies” and truly desire to be fully on board with the Current Thing™… but don’t know how.

On Thursday, LoTT posted a video of a middle school teacher that isn’t sure about what the New Rules are when it comes to pronoun usage but is very keen to push them on students.

Unfortunately, she now thinks that her students know more about pronouns about than she does.

She said that one of her students stumped her after the class somehow (yeah, right!) landed on the topic of pronouns.

A boy in the class called her out telling her that she hadn’t bothered to ask him what his pronouns are.

She apologized for her faux pas and when she asked him what his pronouns were… she wasn’t exactly convinced that he was being honest. She got upset because she thought that he was making fun of the concept. [Spoiler alert: he probably was]

But then the entire class agreed with him, so now she’s confused and turning to Tik Tok users to get an answer.

That kid going by Banana/Rock…

Now, it could be that this class spends way too much time on Tik Tok.

People that lecture others about pronoun use on Tik Tok are basically saying exactly what the class said — anything can be a pronoun.

Then there’s the “neo-pronouns” that are literally just made up.

Just ignore the clear signs of mental illness…

…and the narcissism.

If teachers keep pushing this crap, then maybe this kid’s answer is the way of the future. Make them feel ridiculous. If you can just make up whatever as a new gender, then gender is meaningless and you can identify as whatever you want to.

What I don’t get is that you can demand people use your preferred pronouns but not your preferred adjectives.

Maybe that’s where we should go next. My preferred adjectives are “Beautiful” and “Brilliant” so all references should include those adjectives. Please respect my self-identification.

These woke teachers need to be shamed to stop this stupidity that is making language meaningless.

This has been today’s reminder to get your kids out of public schools.

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