Ted Cruz & Josh Hawley Break BIG News In Chris Wray Oversight Questions

Written by Wes Walker on August 4, 2022

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True to form, Chris Wray did his best to duck and dodge his way through questions he faced under oath. But that couldn’t stop some unpleasant news from breaking through in the questions anyway.

One of the questions he faced involved the damning connection between the FBI’s ridiculous Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping (entrapment) debacle and who it is that is now running the January 6th investigation.

Another line of inquiry asked why the FBI is suddenly requiring Sherriffs in Missouri to provide citizens’ concealed carry information to feds in direct contradiction to Missouri law as well as all prior practice.

Chris Wray was sworn in to answer oversight questions, and nobody was surprised to see him plead ignorance on various topic he’d rather not answer directly and give long, plodding answers whose main purpose was to run down the clock.

Either way, despite those efforts, important details still made their way to the official public record.

Ted Cruz hit three main points, slamming his cowboy boot on the desk to prove his point, claiming the FBI is becoming dangerously politically partisan. Problems that were evident the Obama administration, worsened during Trump’s administration and have become worse yet under Biden.

He drew a clear distinction between the concerted attention being given to right-wing groups and the deliberate downplaying of more left-wing organizations like Antifa or BLM which have had a defined history of specific acts of violence in recent years.

1) Investigation of parents under Patriot Act provisions, including using terror threat tags

2) The Project Veritas whistleblower story in which the FBI identified as potential indicators for Violent Domestic Terror involvement such symbols as the Gonzales Flag (e.g. the come and take it cannon), the Gadsen Flag (don’t tread on me), the Betsy Ross flag, or even references to the Second Amendment itself.

Cruz put on record that these questions were being deliberately stonewalled while Wray was under oath and Cruz has every reason to expect they will be ignored when asked to report in writing.

3) The connection between the J6 inquiry and the Gretchen Witmer entrapment case.

How many agents were disciplined or reprimanded after the Gretchen Whitmer debacle? (Not answered.)

8:08 — Well, the Special Agent in charge of that case has been sent to D.C., to the Washington D.C. office, and now leads the investigation regarding January 6th.
… The guy in charge [of the Detroit field office] got promoted and is now in charge of the January 6 investigation.

Wray ducked and weaved when Josh Hawley asked him questions, too.

What did he want answers about? Two things.

One, why is the Federal Government demanding Concealed Carry information about Missouri citizens from Sheriffs when state law prohibits Sheriffs from providing the federal government with any such information? In audits just a few years ago, this was never asked. What justifies the change now?

Two, (at the 6 min mark) why are so many people identified as terrorists from the botched evacuation of Afghanistan in the US despite the vetting processes that should have screened them from lawful entry? We’re supposed to accept the Inpsector general’s number that there were about fifty people the FBI has been tasked with locating and reapprehending, but a whistleblower puts the real number at 324 potential terrorists who have been released into the United States depsite biometric sensors identifying them as threats.

Worse still, he has heard reports about serious security corners being cut in the vetting of terrorist threats, including the intentional deletion of biometric data.

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