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PA Man Who Drove Though A Crowd And Murdered Mom With A Hammer Was No ‘White Rager’

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Your first clue that he wasn’t one of those white domestic terrorists we are warned about was when news reports omitted the ethnicity of the attacker. If this crime could have been laid at the feet of a white male we can rest assured that it would have been.

Pennsylvania residents in the communities of Berwick and Nescopeck were rocked by a spate of murderous violence before the man behind the violence was apprehended.

One of the murder victims was the mother of the accused.

Adrian Oswaldo Sura Reyes, 24, of Nescopeck is being charged with murder after driving his Honda through a crowd of people in Berwick, killing at least one person, and injuring 17 before driving to Nescopeck and beating a woman to death with a hammer.

That murdered woman was the accused’s own mother.

The initial calls came in to Columbia County 911 around 6:12 p.m. Saturday, concerning a vehicle crashing through group of individuals gathered in the parking lot of [bar and restaraunt] Intoxicology Department on W. Second St. in Berwick.
…Approximately six minutes after the initial calls came in, Luzerne County 911 received a call from a resident of Nescopeck that a vehicle had crashed into his own vehicle, and that a male was assaulting a female with a hammer.
The witness told 911 that after hearing a crash, he went outside and encountered the male, later identified as Sura Reyes, hitting a woman with a hammer.
The witness said that he was told to “get back” by Sura Reyes before going inside to call the police.
Sura Reyes was taken into custody behind 939 Ridgewood Avenue by members of the Salem Township Police Department.

The accused described ‘frustration’ after fighting with his mother over money, and footage shows the car accelerated into the crowd.

Police alleged in a criminal complaint that Sura Reyes said he argued with his mother at their Nescopeck home Saturday evening and while driving through nearby Berwick was “extremely frustrated” and was “tired of fighting with his mother, including about money, and wanted to be done with it.”
At the time, police said, a crowd of about 75 people, including adults and small children, had gathered in a blocked-off parking lot in Berwick outside the Intoxicology Department bar, which was holding an all-day fundraising event to benefit victims of the Aug. 5 blaze in Nescopeck that killed seven adults and three children.
Police said Sura Reyes told them he drove past the gathering, then turned around and headed back to the bar “to drive through the crowd of people.” Investigators asked how fast he drove into the crowd and Sura Reyes replied “speeding up.”
“Video surveillance gathered by the Pennsylvania State Police corroborates Sura Reyes’s statement that he sped up into the crowd purposefully,” according to the criminal complaint.

Way back in the Obama administration when we were told that ‘racial profiling’ was a BAD thing.

Maybe it’s time for the Biden administration to abandon their racialized presumption that crimes are motivated by ‘white supremacy’… and start looking at the actual specific acts of criminal offenders like law enforcement used to.

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