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SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Quadruple-Jabbed Pfizer CEO Tests Positive For COVID

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Despite four jabs of the vaccine that he touted as “90% effective”, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has tested positive for COVID-19.

We now know that the 90% was more wishcasting than accurate data, they lost efficacy rather quickly, and as the virus has changed over the past couple of years, the jabs based on the old strains are far less effective than they were when they were first trotted out.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla posted on Twitter on Monday that he has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 despite having four doses of the Pfizer magic juice.

Look at that — Bourla said The Line.

Maybe Bourla’s COVID diagnosis will prompt a push for an Omicron-specific jab ten months after the variant was first detected. We were told that the reason that the new mRNA technology was used was that it was easier to adjust the vaccine when variants arose. That hasn’t been done yet — the vaccines (and boosters) that are in use are still for the original strain of COVID-19.

But hey, what’s the rush? Pfizer has developed an antiviral and secured a rather lucrative deal with the U.S. government worth billions, even though it seems to be extending the COVID infection in some patients.

Now that he’s taking Paxlovid, ClashDaily will keep an eye on Bourla’s status to see if he’s among the allegedy “rare” cases of Rebound ‘Rona like Fauci and Biden.

The acknowledged COVID diagnosis doesn’t quite fit with what Albert Bourla had said about the efficacy of the COVID shots.

Let’s just take a little stroll back in time and examine some of Bourla’s public statements about the jabs.

The pro-jab crowd is now saying that the vaccines were never marketed at preventing COVID-19. That’s simply untrue. One of the people who insisted that the shots would prevent infection is none other than the CEO of Pfizer himself.

He then went on CNBC crowing about the vaccine and billed it as “90% effective in preventing COVID-19.”

Never forget that these vaccine-peddlers insisted that the vaxx was going to end the pandemic.

Here is Scott Gottlieb commenting on Bourla’s tweets.

Then, on April 1, 2021, Bourla tweeted that the data from the Phase 3 trial shows that the jab was 100% effective in preventing cases. He was so excited about that “100% effective” that he repeated it.

Is this a bad time to remind everyone that the now-dominant Omicron variant began in South Africa?

The burning question is — Did Bourla mean for that to be an April Fool’s Day joke or is it just hilarious irony?

In November 2021, as “breakthrough” COVID cases began to rise, Bourla was railing against the “anti-vaxxers” — which had recently been redefined to include those who had received the shots but were now critical of the claims that it did what it was advertised to do.

By December, Bourla admitted that annual vaccination may be necessary.

He then advocated for a second booster bringing the total jabs up to four.

Of course, pushing a subscription service for every human on the planet wouldn’t mean an annual windfall for the biggest player in the COVID jab game, right?

Here is Bourla with real-life Bond Villain Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum in May of this year making fun of the conspiracy theories spread about them by the “fanatic group of anti-vaxxers.”

Some of the stuff said about Bourla was B.S. using manipulated media, but some of the criticism is pretty fair — like quoting him on the way he touted the efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech shots.

In June, he was tweeting about the possibility of creating a booster to deal with the Omicron subvariants and said that the mRNA technology allows them to “quickly update vaccine constructs” to address new strains that become more prominent… which hasn’t been done to date despite Omicron spreading since November 2021.

Bourla also reminds everyone that the shots are now available for babies.

Max Blumenthal of GreyZone News notes that back in 2018, Bourla had wanted regulations loosened on pharmaceutical trials.

Bourla can rant and rave about the “anti-vaxxers” and how they’re costing lives — but he wasn’t exactly up front about these shots from the start, and as we’re seeing with the document dumps, the jabs aren’t as “safe and effective” as they were marketed to be.

The problem for Albert Bourla and Pfizer is that some of these critics have a great deal of clout.

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