Tensions Mount As China Cuts Off Dialogue With Biden Administration

Written by Wes Walker on August 5, 2022

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Remember how Trump was going to blunder us into World War III, and Joe Biden was the Foreign Policy Expert™ who was going to save us from such horrors?

Now that time has passed and we can assess his job performance, we have learned that Barack Obama was right about at least two things.

1) Elections have consequences
2) Don’t underestimate the ability of Joe Biden to f*** things up

Putin took Joe’s signs of weakness (how’s your ‘minor incursion’ quote looking in hindsight, Joe?) as a permission slip to lay waste to Ukraine. Now, the guy serving as 46th President, who once awkwardly remarked about Obama’s ‘Big Stick’ is showing us his idea of political power.

Biden’s tough talk pulls no punches against Red State Americans who dare to throw wrenches in his Hard left agenda — even when that agenda is in conflict with the lawful boundaries of his Constitutional authority. But when the threats are coming from foreign powers, he dithers.

Are we now in danger of sleepwalking into a disastrous repeat of what happened with Putin in Ukraine?

   The Chinese Foreign Ministry said dialogue between U.S. and Chinese regional commanders and defense department heads would be canceled, along with talks on military maritime safety.
Cooperation on returning illegal immigrants, criminal investigations, transnational crime, illegal drugs and climate change will be suspended, the ministry said.
Dialogue and exchanges between China and the U.S., particularly on military matters and economic exchanges, have generally been halting at best. Climate change and fighting trade in illegal drugs such as fentanyl were, however, areas where they had found common cause, and Beijing’s suspension of cooperation could have significant implications for efforts to achieve progress in dealing with those issues.

This is the same Foreign Policy wizard that had Russian negotiators serving as the go-between in the Iran Deal Joe has been desperate to salvage… at the very same time that Joe Biden was denouncing Putin as a war criminal.

Then again, we saw the same dynamic play out when Joe showed up cap-in-hand to Saudia Arabia after publicly denouncing them as a Pariah State.

It looks like Japan will be stepping up as the diplomatic channel between which China and its adversaries will have to communicate.

Whatever happened to that Wizard of Foreign Policy that so proudly proclaimed ‘America’s Back’ to the rest of the world?

Where are the results we were promised, and where do we go for a refund?

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